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Guan Yu 關羽 (General Kwan), is worshiped by many Chinese restaurants and shops. They will all have an altar of him on the wall or somewhere in the store. (See Guan Yu altar on the right) A lot of you might wonder, why do they worship Guan Yu?

If you do not know who he is, you can read a Wiki’s page on “Guan Yu“. What I am going to talk about here is something special – some wisdom and insights that you cannot find anywhere else but here on the Taoist Master Blog.

Why People Worship Guan Yu?

Most of those who worship Guan Yu nowadays don’t even know why they are doing it. Some say it’s just a tradition, some say it’s for bringing good luck, some say it’s for enhancing the money luck, some say it’s just taught by their mother or someone who did it before them.

People have usually preconceived that these are the effects of worshiping Guan Yu:

  1. Protection blessings for safety
  2. Money luck improvements
  3. Make workers loyal
  4. Some blessings overall
  5. Don’t even know why, but it should be good to do

Most people really don’t understand history and they start to worship these historical figures, such as Guan Yu. The Chinese are like that! From the past to present, they are very superstitious to the point that they just do things without using their logic or time to study the facts before putting their hands on the subject.

Why Guan Yu is so famous and worshiped but not his two other pals Jeung Fei and Liu Bei? That’s a funny thing right? No worry, I do see some even worship the three together like as if they were a family. Let me tell you what, you got tricked out by the hoax!

General Guan Yu, Jeung Fei and Liu Bei

guan yue jeung fei lu beiThe saying about how Jeung Fei, Lu Bei, Guan Yu had become brothers in the plum flower garden 桃園結義 is all fictional. It is NOT how the real history goes.

Most people who believe that is real is because they read fiction book — 三國演義 The three kingdom NOVEL. This is a book that uses the historical facts but rewrites it to give it a twist, making it an addictive fictional book. The author even made Guan Yu a Superman-like character too! That is where all the superpower of Guan Yu came from!

If Guan Yu is so loyal, why does he give in and surrender to Cao Cao? He should have suicide to pay his last respect to his lord. He also had done a lot of things that show his dis-loyalty as well. In real life history, he is full of dis-loyalty. Just try to search around and you will come up with some interesting facts to read.

When Was Guan Yu Worshiping Tradition Started?

The worshiping of Guan Yu started mostly around the Yuan Dynasty when the Mongolians took over China. During that time Quan Zhen Sect arises but also the White Lotus Religion kicked in and started a lot of our so-called “folks belief” today. Worshiping of some “heroes” are very common back then because it was usually promoted by the king to brainwash and control the civilians.

The kings usually will give tons of grand titles to the famous warriors in the past who died with pride. Soon or later, they will build temples for them and earn some big bucks while telling the civilians to worship them because of all that glorified history and hoax the King’s people made up.

Guan Yu is not an exception. The Yihetuan Boxers Rebellions guys also kicked in later on in the Qing Dynasty claiming that all these gods and deities are coming down from heaven to save the world (China) too. No wonder it got so popular!

Debunking Guan Yu Worship

Basically, worshiping Guan Yu is just like saying now some politician or some generals at war died and you start to worship him. Just because they die, and they have a very good career, doesn’t mean that they are going to become a god or deity.

  • Guan Yu is not even a Taoist, he never cultivated for being a deity, etc..
  • Guan Yu is not related to any Taoism or religious materials
  • Guan Yu did not contribute to Taoism at all

Beware of Cults

Luk Yam Shen Gong, Mao Shan Shen Gong or similar cults will provide service of “empowering” these Guan Yu statues for people to worship at their shops or home. I have been scammed into those cults before, and so I know how it is done too. Basically, the conclusion after years of experience can be summarized into the posts below:

guanyu guanyin

Some altars in Asia likes to worship Guan Yu and Guan Yin together, which is very weird. See the picture on the right and you will see what I mean. It is also a very common setup, because people cannot tell the difference between Taoism and Buddhism.  A lot of people even think that Guan Yin is Guan Yu’s wife!

Danger of Worshiping Guan Yu

Worshiping is dangerous, just as our article had explained. But if you worship Guan Yu, the situation can be even worse, because he is famous. As our article on “Evil God” explained, worshiping these human-labelled deities will invite intruders from the Pre-Heaven Realm to become your “Guan Yu”.  Since Guan Yu is worshiped by many people in the past, the clan of evil gods who is associated with this name of Guan Yu is very enormous (and strong!)!

If you worship Guan Yu for a while, bad luck, sickness, seeing ghost, haunted house, sleeping possession or even ghost possession can occur. I had personally heard of people who worship this Guan Yu altar and jumped off the building when he got possessed by Guan Yu….

Never worship any historical characters like they are gods or deities. It is not only dangerous to yourself, but also for your whole family. The altar not only generates ECP, but is also a portal for the Pre-Heaven evil entities to invade your home.

Want to get rid of your Guan Yu altar safely? Email me!

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