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This area is for Tin Yat Lineage ordained Taoist only.  These are the beginner stage Taoist magic which all students of Tin Yat Lineage are welcome to learn. This is only a tiny portion of the magic we have in our lineage which we expose for the public to read and get a taste of the future materials you will learn after ordaining into Tin Yat Lineage. These Taoist magic below are not meant for the public or registered believers to “self-learn”. All the Taoist magic listed on this page are sealed and the power will only be granted to our official Tin Yat Lineage Taoist students. Anyone violating this rule and used the magic without permission will be considered to be “stealing”, which will do not tolerate.

If you wish to learn the Taoist magic below, please visit “This Page” to register and start today!

*Tin Yat Taoist – Officially ordained Tin Yat Taoist, student of Tin Yat Lineage. (Read “Ordain“)

Taoist Magic For Tin Yat Lineage Students

Before moving onto these Taoist magic below, we expect all students to already learned the materials on the “Public Area” page, or at least learned all the theories there before you proceed with the content below.  Always check the lessons again from time to time in case of updates (which will often be announced internally within our lineage)!

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More Taoist Magic in Tin Yat Lineage

Tin Yat Lineage is a massive system of knowledge, skills, Taoist magic, and many more subjects that all combine into a complete and well-rounded system. Our students will have the opportunity to learn way more than what is listed above.

Here are the names of some Taoist magic and cultivation methods in Tin Yat Lineage that students might also learn beside the materials listed above.

本派道士可學: 五行靈劍修練大法, 五行甲子靈氣修練大發, 五行手訣及咒語, 五行靈劍, 五行法劍, 五行劍法訣, 天一正法經文, 天一返魂渡陰經, 道袍法衣, 戒律修練及戒衣修練, 天一正法請神文, 陰陽神功三十六掌, 天一鎮劍符訣, 天一派修練百日週天功, 五行神掌功, 混天元神伏魔大陣,五行小增運法:仙花真氣法, 轉水輪增生氣法, 石敢當化煞迎祥法, 聲音改運法, 及種種法印, 經文, 神咒等等法門不勝盡錄, 故在此略數其中幾味.

本派法師可學: 雷霆百板靈文真訣, 雷霆甲子兵陣, 伏魔大法, 太陽神功鎮身法, 二十八宿神兵法訣, 鎮身法, 通經絡八法, 七星元辰改運大法, 元辰改運大法, 九陽辟邪大法, 九陽神法, 保氣不泄法, 太陽神功修練大法, 陣法培養, 及種種法印, 經文, 神咒等等法門不勝盡錄, 故在此略數其中幾味. 有仙緣者可進修學習仙家法術及修練法門, 獨門功夫, 個別傳授, 為免泄天機, 故不透露其名稱. 有緣者授之.)

Yes, the Taoist magic list in our lineage is massive and so long that you cannot imagine how many things you can learn, or if you can finish learning everything within your lifetime!  Don’t worry though, Taoism is a lifetime enjoyment, and you should always treat it as one!  Don’t stress yourself to complete the system, but focus on making your life better, healthier, and enjoying the learning experience is the main focus of Taoism!

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Mak Jo Si

co-founder at Chi in Nature
Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kung Fu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is a positive, professional and powerful Taoist Master.

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