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TYLtheory I would like to share you some really interesting personal experience. This is going to be eye-opening for you and I am sure not everybody will accept what I say, but then I braved up to write this article because I know there will be people who wanted to know. If I never take a step forward, they will never have a chance to know.

There we go!

As stated clearly in our blog post before on religion, the word Taoism should be translated to 道教 Dao Jiao, which is Taoism the religion. (Read “What is Taoism“) There shall not be any philosophy Taoism or religious Taoism because it is one thing. In the past, it is because Taoism the religion used Tao Te Ching as a book, that doesn’t make a new thing out of the old. History proven, Lao Tze or even Tao Te Ching does not claim a sect or a name of Taoism as well.

Taoism 道教 dao jiao is formed in the East Han Dynasty officially by Jeung Dao Ling 張道陵 the first celestial master on earth, who officially named the religion. Here make sure you read our article on religion as well, which explain to you what religion means in Chinese first. It is not those religion in the west like Christianity, Islam and so on. No No No. Religion in Chinese means a system of learning, like a school system, which teaches you the wisdom founded by the ancestors, and we learn it in the system, improve it and so on. Basically I can only compare this with “science” today. Yes really, Taoism is very much like science if you what you learned is real Taoism.

Where can I find REAL Taoism now?

Here I cannot name you any real Taoism sect because I don’t see any yet except Tin Yat Lineage. I can tell you Zhen Yi Sect, Quan Zhen Sect, Mao Shan Sect, Lui Shan Sect and all those are NOT pure Taoism anymore. Most sects that survived through history and still exist today are all the puppets and dogs of the crooked kings in the past, who used their violent and threatening force to manipulate people in China, controlling their mind with religion and promotes things that can tame the citizens good. All these started when China started to fall and die — Yuen Dynasty.

During this period of time, the Mongolian strike and they over take China, literally, China was DEAD. From there on, Taoism changed and became more crooked than ever. Buddhism, Islam, White Lotus Sect, etc,.. all started to blossom. When the bad kings are in, all the corruptions and bad religions are praised. The law said – if you go against the king, your head is chopped off. Well, who dare to say a word or even to say they have their own view? China is a very controlling and scary country, nobody will say a word when the king speaks, they have no freedom of speech and only those who obey and lick the king’s toe will survive. So many people started to go this vibe of the Quan Zhen Sect, going 3-in-1 tactic which the king like and blending Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, into one pot. This is not possible if you ever read our article on Buddhism concept. Their concept is totally opposite from our Taoism too. It doesn’t matter, the king love it and promoted it well, so with time, all people are brainwashed to believe they are the same thing. Well, thanks to these foreigners who knock down our China from the past.

So now you know that not much real Taoism exist. Let me tell you one funny thing. I graduated from the Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect 茅山上清宗 learning from a 72th generation master. What happen at the end is that even this master told me what he thinks of the Mao Shan sect was… it is not pure anymore. He so wanted to advance and go find the raw Taoism himself but his age is not allowing him to do so anymore. So he told me on the day I finish and graduate… please, if you wish to advice, go for it. Then I was handed over a cultivation method which allow me to cultivate and try to connect to the celestial raw source of Taoism and see if I can “get there” or not. Not many in history even dare to try it because not many will succeed. Instead of trying and fail, which lead to more disappointment or maybe even getting crazy because you cannot accept the truth of failure, many chose to stay back and just go stick with the old stuff.

Moving on to REAL Taoism

Me, a real Taoism master with the heart to seek for the truth, of course I moved on and give it a try. No matter fail or success, I will do it – and so did Lau Jo Si. We both did it and got connected with the celestial and that is the start of Tin Yat Lineage. Yes, we connected to a source which was what Jeung Dao Ling 張道陵 first connected to in the Easy Han Dynasty. The celestial source that brought the real deal Taoism to our planet earth. Now I totally understand why and how Taoism was started and corrupted later on. To inherit the real energy source, one must be pure and clean, meaning their mind, their energy and even their foundation energy that they cultivates. I was required to clean out all the magic (energy) power that I had cultivated for years and start as a fresh new person with nothing in me in order to learn and use what Tin Yat Lineage got – the real celestial source, the raw power source, the real Taoism energy. This energy is very powerful, to the point that I cannot describe because nothing in the past I encountered is like this.

My first encounter with this energy was with tons of heat, flaming and many other sensations which sometimes chi kung practitioners can feel but this is like 100 times stronger. Then things get very vivid and you can really even see the energy and so on. That’s not the main thing, when we first learn the way to cultivate to communicate with the celestial beings and finally build a strong bridge between us and them, we learned the way of “soul traveling” and this is the first thing we learn to connect to them, to build an ability that can allow us to 24/7 communicate with visual and audio, just like we meet in person by long distance, just like talking over a webcam conversation, just like doing skype. We do not have any possession crap, we do not do any dream-teaching ,and it is all solid and real, conscious and awake. That is the way how we talk and communicate with them.

At first, the celestial beings were more like trying to tell us the truth but they kept pretending to be more “serious vibe” in order for us to accept them and slowly going through the transition period because we soon started to realize how many things in Taoism that we knew before were fake, made up and scam. For example, those deities who were famous and popular for decades, like General Kwan, the monkey king, even the eight immortals, jade emperor, etc,. all of these are made up stuff just like Ironman, batman, etc,. They are not real!

Now Taoism is very hard for me to accept! No worry, the celestial beings slowly guided us to accept it by touring us around realms and showing us things which slowly tell us the truth behind. Have you wonder why all planets are empty and bald but only Earth is lively and with living beings? Why our planet out of the many? Why only us? Yes, that is right, all planets do have living beings and their society too. I was introduced to see a few of them and visit their realm by soul traveling.

Seeing how “human” their place is, it just shock me about how we human always think these other planets have to be creepy looking, aliens looking, monster looking and so on. No.. they are not like that. In fact, they are very human. Too bad, human always want something different, something new, if you tell them aliens are the same like our world, nobody will believe it, right? Same to me. After more touring around, I started to realize more about how the universe is full of different worlds, society and so on, just that they don’t see each others, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So we started to gain knowledge about how planets and different realm works and so on. You might think I am going crazy here, I might be seeing illusions and have mental illness, or maybe I am just dreaming. No, but how do you expect me to convince you on that? I won’t even do it.

Now let’s move on to something more easier for people (outsiders) who can understand. What is Tin Yat Lineage about? Basically it is about Taoism, the real Taoism. This Taoism talks about nature, the universe and how this world works. I got tons of questions but I am starting to get it when I see it. Same to my students too. They all have questions but I will not give them answers. I give them ways to experiment it themselves and soon they find the answers. Now, have you ever wonder why we have this thing called “magic power” in Taoism? This is actually not something made up, it is just a form of energy, a very unique form of energy that is NOT from our planet, it is from another place. This magic power was connected once in East Han Dynasty and lasted a few generations and it faded away when the corruptions began in the Five Pecks of Rice sect. Now, it is here again.

Below, I will share something we first got from the celestial beings as the start of “Tin Yat Lineage”.

Tin Yat Lineage – Lineage Poem Explained

天一正法 (天一派) 宗譜詩頌
The Tin Yat Positive Magic Energy (Tin Yat Lineage) Lineage poem


“Tin Yat” is passed to the Jade Emperor, the magical and mysterious power is origin from nature, with positive energy steered by the vital and faithful heart, all magical power shall go back to the pre-heaven.

Explanation in details:

Tin Yat is the name of the lineage, do not try to guess, the meaning of Tin Yat actually means “celestial number one”, it’s like people call a store “The Best Hotdogs”. Tin Yat is a name translated from celestial language and this is what it is closest to, “celestial number one”. There is actually a “Tin Yat Headquarter” which is a special realm located in another planet that is far away from our galaxy or even milky way. I will explain more as we move on.

Passed to the Jade emperor… this phrase is very hard to get because there IS no jade emperor if you refer to the jade emperor we used to know in the Chinese culture which was made up by the Quan Zhen Sect and Confucianism. What we mean here is a metaphor, which means the gateway that connects the celestial realm and planet earth. Just like a “portal” which we used to see in movies. There is a gap in space, or we should say in our realm, which can be a connecting gateway to transfer things from what we call the celestial realm and our realm on earth. This is what we meant by “Jade Emperor”. The reason to use this word is first to be easy for the outsiders to read, second is to use a metaphor which match exactly what we are trying to say. Chinese poetry is often like that, if you don’t get it, you go way off and mislead yourself in a wrong direction.

The magical and mysterious power (妙法) here is explained as the magical power we use in Tin Yat Lineage, which is just called magical power because it seems very “magical” or unbelievable to us human only. Whatever seems unbelievable is just because we are not exposed to it. This power or form of energy, is actually in nature all the time, but not in planet earth. Where is this power located or originate from? Let’s move on.

With positive energy (positive chi) your heart steer it. The word 正氣 positive chi here is very specific. In Tin Yat Lineage, we do emphasize people to be free of evils and by that means we detox negatives from our body through cultivation of magic and doing exorcism for ourselves and our home. By what we mean here is to clean our energy in and outside of our body. The word “exorcism” is not only related to evil spirits, it could be exorcising (getting rid of) bad energy, unwanted energy, and so on.

When your body is “cleaner” you will experience your magic in Tin Yat is more effective as well. What we mean by magic is not to be Harry Potter or like a magician turning cards into a tree. We say “magic” as in like using our methods to do things such as healing, fixing some problems, resolve pain and aches, etc, by doing our magic. For example, if one got a back pain which is due to negative energy build up on the spot, we can use our tao.tools to cure it by busting the bad energy out and then reset and heal up the energy easily. If it works, then the back pain is gone and so the magic is effective.

There is no imaginary, belief, or guessing. Whatever we do MUST work in order to be real Tin Yat magic. To possess or even to use this magical power which is energy from nature outside of planet earth, you must first have a body with clean energy, and so that is the meaning of positive energy 正氣.

The word “heart” 丹心 is actually a special term, where “heart” in Chinese is also the mind and the brain as well. This part means that your “red heart” meaning the mind with trust and faith, like a boiling heated heart, strong and alive, with pride and courage, you can steer this magical power and use it as your intention want it to be and cast magic that will be effective.

The last sentence is saying that all energy or all magical power in this lineage will be going back to Pre-Heaven stage. Pre-Heaven not a real heaven like what the Christian claim. We do not believe in any heaven or hell. There is actually no such thing. Read “Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven“!

Our so-called “Celestial Realm” is just a planet with a different realm, that is outside of our galaxy or even milky way. So this sentence here is saying that our magical power, or the special energy that we use and cultivates in Tin Yat Lineage are all origin and belongs to a place outside our planet, in the outer space zones.

Clearly explained, we do not believe in any god or superhuman. Tin Yat Lineage is about effectiveness, wisdom and about knowing how nature works and exploring more about nature while you cultivate, learn and work with it more. The lineage poem already gave you the idea that we are working with what we called “magic” which is a form of energy from outside space, which human don’t have and planet earth doesn’t have. It does answer a question here already “is magic power chi? or qi?” No, chi or qi can be only said to be an earthling thing. Once things are out of space or out of this planet, that is not “chi” anymore. Some call it Pre-Heaven chi, but then our “magic power” is much further than this, it is not only pre-heaven chi, it is over that limit. Hard to explain, but you can imagine it is far far far away from our solar system, or even our milky way.

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