Tin Yat Lineage Career and Life Boost Miracle, Tin Lui From NY Speaks

TYtestimonialTin Yat Lineage student, Tin Lui (Jack Hwang) from New York wants to speak, because he had witnessed Tin Yat Lineage Taoist magic himself for a few years now and results needs to be shown to the public in order to show people what REAL Taoist magic is about.  It is not about a temporary relief or an illusion-like results. It’s real as steel – but only with real Taoist magic like the stuff we got in Tin Yat Lineage Taoism.

tinluiTin Lui (Jack Hwang) is from New York, United States, and he is about 35-40 years old, who have a family of four with both kids (Tin Ling : Anne Hwang and Tin Lung : Walter Hwang) and wife, Tin Wun (Lisa Wang) all ordained into Tin Yat Lineage in 2011’s winter. They are all very good students and we are proud of them to battle through so many tough and rough experience to achieve their ultimate golden years and more golden years to come. I must say that success do not come FREE, they did not just purchase a FU from us and got that miracle results, it is a LOT of hard work involved too. Do NOT think that Taoist magic is for quick-cash, quick-rich-methods, or no-need-to-work-and-get-rich kind of things. Tin Yat Lineage is NOT like that.  Tin Lui’s family have been working VERY hard to achieve the success, and we must remember that success will only come with hard work!

Tin Lui’s Experience with Tin Yat Lineage Miracle!

(Posted original e-mail)

Mak Jo Si,
Ok here is my career story:
Today is Monday and tomorrow will be Tuesday. Damn! the end of the month is just around the corner and yet the business cash flow is under again. No problem the plastic card will cover the lost and next month’s business should be better I hope.  Business was always unstable with two family partners running part of the business their way. I was always the open minded partner that found ways to get bank funds to stabilize the business financial health.  When I saw business dropped hard in 2011, I had made several suggestions to sell the asset to repay the debts and downsized, however they didn’t like the idea. They also turn down a bank that volunteered to provide a micro loan. I was really pushed to the corner at that time. To make the matter worst, my small family and I lived in a vermin infested apartment. There were mice and moths that really drove us nuts.  I was really stressed out and turn to both Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si for help.
Lau Jo Si suggested that we find another place to live because she said we were cursed with goo, so we took her suggestion. But during the search of another apartment, my wife and I decided a house would suite us best financially since the real estate market was at its lowest.  Buying a house was a great idea but with the rumor of bank tighten their mortgage loan, I didn’t think it would be possible  until Lau Jo Si positive encouragement led me to creatively persuade our credit union bank for the loan.  I had to build a healthy financial image by wiping out the personal credit debts and accumulate small saving fund with my wife. During the process we were fortunate to get extra personal loan from a friend.  The financial planning  took closed to a year to build and we landed on a loan at the end. We were happy but the quest of a new home just got started. Every weekend and sometime weekdays we were looking for houses. We saw houses of almost every kinds and even a haunted house. Although exhausted on house hunt, we had a team of experts that encouraged us not to give up. Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si help us a lot on the fong shui and suggestions. Tin Yang, a professional real estate agent, advices us on short sales and miscellaneous fee at closing. Then two months later after the mortgage approval we found our dream house. Although it needed tender loving care in general the fong shui and structure of the house was positive.  We finally moved in the house in June 2012.
At the same time of the house hunting, I was in a critical family feud because of the business. There were actually physical fights several times in a month. I was a victim in the fight and several times had gone home with bloody scars and bruises.  On August 1, 2012, I had officially resigned from that crazy family business. One side of me was really happy, but the other side was in the state of fear. I had realized for once in my life I was jobless.  I still had business debts to pay and luckily my wife had a job to temporary assists. Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si were glad that I had departed my family business because they saw brighter career opportunity ahead of me.  At the time I was depressed, but I never doubt both Jo Si suggestions. Mak Jo Si told me that I need to invest in a career fu to boost my search for a job. So without hesitation I brought it. A week later a friend told me 2 interviews were available. One was for teaching Automotive Technology class and the other was a City Agency as a vehicle safety Inspector.  I had chosen the Inspector position because of the good medical benefits, but the bad side was the salary just broke even to pay my debts.  Mak Jo Si then told me not to worry and that my “white horse” will come soon.  After getting a hint from Mak Jo Si of my “white horse”, I applied for another city agency on October 2012 that was offering a position as a Safety Trainer for a salary 35% more than the current job plus more room for promotion. Then on December 2012 I was called in for an interview and on April 2013 I started the new job.
This job fits my character and my profession. I worked 5 days a week from 700am to 330pm and weekend off. Majority of the time I work solo and the boss does not micro managed our work. I believed this is my “white horse” that Mak Jo Si was talking about.
I really feel this chapter of my life gave me a true Taoism experience.  I was challenged to improve my life with obstacles and to do so I had to put in physical hard efforts to succeed. When I get stuck I ask for help and never give up. Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si can only brighten the dark path, but I need to do the walk to finish the race. Thank you both Jo Si for the support …I still cannot believed we brought a house and I found my dream job. Thank you again.
I have enclosed the Salary letter if you need it. Please digitalized the account numbers.


Tin Lui

(Original image attached, with blocked out account numbers)

NYCCAS Employment8-12-13-1

Thank you all for reading another Tin Yat Lineage student’s official testimonial and miracle. I am proud of Tin Lui and their family (and so am I toward ALL my students). Remember, hard work is a must if you want success to come. Tin Lui’s family had done a LOT to achieve this today, and it is not just a “quick fix” that made this happen. Always remember – Taoism is not about illusion magic or temporary fixes, we fix problems with a PERMANENT fix solution, and focus on long term. Just like this one with Tin Lui and his family.

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Mak Jo Si

co-founder at Chi in Nature
Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kung Fu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is a positive, professional and powerful Taoist Master.

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