Tibetan Buddhism Scary Poop Eating Alchemy


Tibetan Buddhism is now famous and spreading all over the world, but their poop eating is still not yet well-known. Why didn’t Dalai Lama tell you the “good stuff”? This is the Holy Pill of the Tibetan Buddhist LAMAs! What do you think?

When we talk about Tibetan Buddhism, aside from the sexual harassment and conspiracies, there are more interesting things you will want to read about such as this scary practice of the poop alchemy. This religion is weird and ugly, but somehow people still love it because of some “LAMAs” who promote it with some good glossy words.

This is the most scary medicine or food you can consume in Tibetan Buddhism’s alchemy – the holy alchemy pill! The ingredients consist of a few herbs, but most important is the poop of the LAMAs which they call this “Big Fragrance” (in Chinese), and the pee of the LAMAs which they call it the “Small Fragrance” (in Chinese).  Yes!  It’s poop and pee that the LAMAs output!  The Tibetan Buddhists believe that these LAMAs are so holy that their poop and pee are the best things they can give to the believers or students to bless them.  Even its poop and pee, it’s not stinky, it HAVE to smell good! It’s not like the normal people’s poop and pee you know?  It’s HOLY SHEET!  and HOLY PEE!

This is not something I made up, it’s even written in the Tibetan Buddhist’s books!

這並不是作者自己亂掰出來的,而是有藏密人士所著作陳述的事實根據: 如曲肱齋全集(一)陳健民上師著,徐芹庭編,普賢王如來佛教會 1991.7.10.出版精裝本──頁678~679中寫道: 『密宗寶瓶裏一定放的東西還有五肉五甘露。五甘露說明如下:1大香–有香之大便。有功德成就的行者,其糞便是含有檀香之味道。2小香–有香之小便,有 功德成就之行者,其尿是香的。3腦髓–有功德成就之西藏行者,如系天葬,死後他的腦髓都保存下來。4紅菩提–空行母之卵子,不是普通女人的;或用處女 初次之月經。5白菩提–有功德成就,證空性的瑜伽行者所出之悲智雙運不漏之精子。五肉是象肉、馬肉、人肉、豬肉和狗肉。』

To put it simple and translate it into English, the passage is from a famous Tibetan Buddhist book in Chinese, describing the Tibetan’s Treasure Vase. What’s in the treasure vase of the Tibetan Buddhism is the 5 meat and 5 holy ingredients. The 5 holy ingredients are:

1. Big Fragrance – The holy poop of the LAMAs

2. Small Fragrance – The holy pee of the LAMAs

3. The human BRAIN marrow!

4. Red grape – The female LAMA’s blood from the period.

5. White grape – The male’s LAMA’s sperm shot.

The five meats are : Elephant, horse, human, pork and dog meat.

OKAY! EVERYONE LISTEN UP!  This is not fake, history tells us the truth!

屎尿之類不僅在喇嘛教的灌頂儀式上出現,它更是藏醫藥裏的重要成份。大喇嘛(活佛)的屎尿是萬能的良藥,這些屎尿被做成藥丸而買賣,這是現在西藏和流亡藏 人社會中的一項重要經濟。最珍貴的當然就是達賴喇嘛的屎尿了;1954年他到北京來時,他的屎尿都被收集在金盆裏送回拉薩做成藥丸。

This is a passage quoted from the book “Tibetan’s Culture” in Chinese. The passage say that the poop and pee not only appear in the rituals of the Tibetan Buddhist, but also in their medicine too. The living Buddha’s (LAMA)’s pee and poop are the best holy medicine you can get. These holy poop and pee were also collected and made into pills for selling on the market as medicine too. This is one of the most important thing that promotes the economy of the Tibet now.  The most precious and best selling is of course the pee and poop of the Dalai Lama. In 1954, he went to Beijing and his pee and poop were all collected in a gold pot and brought back to be made into medicine pills.

According to the Tibetan Buddhism’s theory, those who cultivates Tibetan Buddhism will be able to produce these holy poop and pee that can be used as the best ingredients for making medicine and their alchemy pills. Therefore, the pee and poop of the LAMAs are very precious and important to keep. There was once a very important LAMA in the past who went to Ching Hai (China), and there was always this assistant who have to follow along to careful store all the holy poop of this LAMA too. If they did not hide it well enough, the other LAMAs will charge forward and rob them away for making pills!

Do not  believe in Tibetan Buddhism, this is just crazy and evil. Not only it is a stupid thing to do and eat, but also very “bullsheet” to the exponent of 10000 too. Anybody with some basic knowledge of hygiene will know that this is not okay to eat!  But because the LAMAs used a different name to glorify their “poop” into “big fragrance” like a herbal medicine name, people were tricked to eat it. What a scam cult!  Beware of Tibetan Buddhism, they are extremely scary and evil.

Reference: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/kc4580455/13156672

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