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Taoist Stamps

Why Does Taoist Stamps Exist?

Taoism the religion was initially created Jeung Dao Ling (34-156 AD) in the East Han Dynasty. During that time period, stamps were used as a form of “seal” or “authorizing” tool. The kings and generals use stamps to approve their documents, the poets use stamps to sign their work, banks use stamps to approve their money and loans. These are common usage of stamps, which is no different from how it was in the western culture.  Taoist also use stamps in a similar way!

Taoist magic got popular and viral in the Han Dynasty because of its effectiveness to cure sickness that normal medicine cannot cure, solve problems that normal methods cannot solve and helped to save lives from spiritual problems that no one can explain the cause behind. What made it so effective is that the “magic” wasn’t anything from planet earth, it’s from where we call the “Celestial Realm”. It’s not a “heaven” like what most people thought it was, but it is just another place in the universe, another planet, another world.

Jeung Dao Ling had claimed he learned his magical methods from a “Deity” and he named him “The Elder Man”. which later on was misunderstood to be the famous Lao Tze. His description was just an old man with white hair, that’s all.  With little description, people later try to make a sense out of the puzzle pieces and claimed this person he learned from is actually Lao Tze. In fact, it is wrong!

Since this article is not about the Celestial Realm, we will skip that part for now. But you do get the idea, it is not something brew up by earthlings. Of course, there are the use of earthling elements such as characters, writing styles and so on, but it is purely a method gained by connecting to the wisdom outside of our world.

Stamps are used in Taoist magic as a connection establishing tool and authorization tool to grant access to channel in the power from the Celestial Realm and other pre-heaven realms in the universe. This might sounds like a belief, but it is really not when you see it happen in real person. You cannot just make a stamp of the same design and expect it to work though. A Taoist stamp isn’t just a stamp made to a specific design.

How Taoist Stamps Work?

In order for a Taoist stamp to work, the design and material that the stamp is made with isn’t even something we have to worry about. You can use any kinds of stamps including the modern pre-ink or self-inking stamps, rubber stamps or even other kinds of stamps. As long as it does stamp a specific color needed, it is good to use. The basic color is red ink, but we do have methods that uses gold, black, blue, etc.

A stamp design must be genuine and inherited from a genuine source. Now the problem is, which sect is genuine?  Many Taoist sects are out for you to choose from but many are not genuine. They might be genuine to their own sect only, but not to Taoism. Let me tell you what to look for in order to know if the sect is a genuine Taoist sect!

A genuine Taoist sect must be PURE TAOISM!

Does the sect have any other religious elements added or blended into the sect? For example, Buddhist names, spells, or even statues and deities.

Does the sect HAVE any sorcery, evil magic, curses?

Does the sect agree to the multiple religious in one kind of theory?  The common term is “Oneness” which most New-Age people use to describe the mindset. It’s basically saying all religions are good and they are blending all of them together to “harmonize” them into one pot to form their own “unique” path.

If the answer to the three above is a “yes”, even if only one out of the three is a positive answer, the sect is not a genuine Taoism sect. It’s already tainted, polluted and screwed.  Whatever they do might seems like a Taoist vibe thing, but the inside is all empty. It’s very obvious with a few famous big sects in China nowadays include the Zhen Yi Sect, Quan Zhen Sect and Mao Shan Sect (Sheung Ching Branch).  They are very inclined toward rituals, performance and opera like singing for their chanting ceremonies. These are not even genuine Taoism sects. Therefore, you can now exclude them from the picture.

Back to stamps…

A genuine Taoist sect must have inherited a series of stamps from the Celestial Realm by some connections build. For example, Jeung Dao Ling does have his stamps that he inherited from the Celestial Realm’s source and so he can pass the magic onto his students who also can use the same stamp methods.  Too bad, his sect failed to hold after four generations and it was collapsed and demolished by corruptions. People robbed his lineage inside-out and renamed it to Zhen Yi Sect later on. Well, guess what, Zhen Yi Sect might have his stamps, but they will never work because they are not properly and officially inherited. They are robbed stamps, which will never work.

In Tin Yat Lineage, we also inherited our stamps from the Celestial Realm source just like how Jeung Dao Ling did it in the Han Dynasty. When we got the stamp design made into a real stamp, we will then use a special spell, handsign and magic power to “activate” it in front of our altar. Once activated, the stamp can be used for any magical methods. Without the proper activations done, this stamp is just an ordinary artwork with no magical power or effect.

When I teach the students and they inherit a stamp from us, we grant them stamp design and have them made it themselves or order it online. After the stamps are made, they will be taught the way to activate it and turn it into a magical tool. But then, without proper and genuine inheriting, the stamp will never work. That means if someone overheard me teaching a student the method and try to imitate or copy it, the stamp will not work. Each stamps are taught to the students one by one and every time I pass on a magical method to the student, there will be work to be done in CR (Celestial Realm) by me or Lau Jo Si. This is the secret behind the scene that many people don’t know.

Now you might think I am crazy talking about that imaginary CR (Celestial Realm). No worry, it is not imaginary or untouchable anymore. I had taught a few students and now they can all reach the CR (Celestial Realm) on their own after a period of cultivations!  The deities and CR-beings are no longer a mystery to them, the magic is no longer “unbelievable” to them, everything turns so real and so solid for them starting the day they connected to the Celestial Realm themselves.

Oops, am I suppose to talk about Taoist stamps? Oh well, off topic again!  Let’s talk about these Celestial beings and Celestial Realm later on in my future post!  Enjoy the nice cold December everyone! Wear more when you go out, it’s getting cold and people are getting sick from the climate changes too!  Happy early x-mas!

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