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Taoism VS Veganism, it is often a topic that people assume we will agreed to, because many Buddhist will love the idea of veganism, and a lot of people cannot distinguish between Buddhism and Taoism!  Once again, Taoism is NOT compatible with Buddhism at all, plus they are almost like the opposite in theories, which you can read up in our “Buddhism” section or start by reading “Taoism VS Buddhism the Religion Concept 1/2“.

in this article, I would like to talk about how we see Veganism in Tin Yat Lineage Taoism and giving you the exclusive thoughts on this matter. We are not scientist or researchers, and so you will NOT see things like whatever statistic and research reference here. It is all about how we see the issue, and the concept behind it. Either you like it or not, this article is to present you our view and not for debating or convincing anyone at all. As the old saying goes “take it or leave it”, it’s that simple. If the theory does click in for your brain, then that’s good for you!

Here is a hard-to-digest one for a lot of people – Tin Yat Lineage Taoism is AGAINST Veganism and Vegan diet. (OMG!)

Taoism VS Veganism, The Concept is Not Right

When we talk about Taoism VS Veganism, it is mostly about the whole concept of Veganism and not just the vegan diet. According to wiki and research, veganism is based on the minimizing of animal products and food consumption etc.

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. A follower of veganism is known as a vegan.

Resource: Wiki

People all have a soft spot, and that is how most scammers scam their victims. In Tin Yat Lineage Taoism, we do not fall for the same old trick, because it’s lame, and it’s illogical. Let’s take a look at how propaganda and scammers do their work first.

A lot of scammers love to make use of human’s natural reaction and emotion to things and trick them into the trap. This “soft spot” is often about the “feelings” or the “soft spot” in people’s mind with the empathy and things like that. The classic scam format – a girl was diseased and the father (scammer) searching around for “help” from some “good hearted people”, the father put on a big drama, crying and begging people, eventually someone feel bad about not helping a father to save their poor daughter, then they hand over a bag of cash, there goes a victim being scammed.

Scammers know it well, they know that in order to scam your money, or whatever they want to take from you, they need to shake your feelings and emotions. This is a common tactic, and it is how most cults can scam their believers to be glued to their cults as well. So if you don’t believe in their theories, they make you feel BAD and guilty about what you are doing. It sometimes involves peer pressure too, but it doesn’t always have to. All it takes is to convince the victims to believe they are doing something bad, and they should feel like an ass for not “helping” the situation.

For veganism, is really about the same pattern, you are not “helping’ the “world” and “saving” the animals from “suffering”, and so you are a cruel asshole. How “retard” are you, look at all those animals in the video being killed by machines, how gross is that?

Now this is a quote from a response from someone I read online:

So why is leather such a big deal? I think it’s because other people can see leather and know what hypocrites they are, yet many people don’t realize tires, roads, etc., contain animal products, too. If vegans refuse to wear leather, but continue to use other animal slaughter byproducts they’re simply being hypocrites. (Of course this is all in the US. Your country may be different.)

Source: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111023060600AALHRA3

Maybe you will say, this is just about minimizing to the minimal, we cannot completely make everything perfect anyway.

That’s right. That’s how most scammers will scam you into their trap. They give you false hope and false goals to reach that will never be fulfilled and so you will need to “keep working on it” with the others, and “help” to make the situation better. “Every little contribution will add up to make a big difference”. All these big words and theories will be the weapons of scammers and fraudsters. They want you to follow what they want you to do, and so they will make you feel bad about not listening, or make you feel worse if you don’t agree. It’s like communism, ideals that can never be fulfill, just like day-dreaming, it’s stupid and it’s a waste of time.

Taoism VS Veganism, The Danger Behind

Let’s get back to the subject of Taoism VS Veganism. We disagree with Veganism because of many factors. Beside that the whole concept is illogical and a big lie behind with all kinds of greedy reasons, it is also a dangerous path for human beings – both mentally and physically.

To be involved in Veganism, one must get on a vegan diet (duh!). That means people will not eat meat, and sometimes even stop using animal fat related products etc. The more they are into Veganism, the more they will be convinced about “animal cruelty” and it is unethical to eat meat etc. This is not right.

Human are meat eaters, just like chimpanzees, our last and closest ancestors (reference) and they are big meat eaters.

Chimpanzees also engage in targeted hunting of lower-order primates such as the red colobus and bush babies, and use the meat from these kills as a “social tool” within their community.

So… yes, human are naturally meat-eaters and our body does need meat to be healthy in the long run. Remember that “healthy” is not only equals to muscles, but also your blood, veins, organs and many internals that can fail because the lack of nutrition from meat eating.

A lot of vegan diet promoters will tell you that you can get exactly the same vitamins from veggies and nuts that can replace meat. You know what?  It’s not the same. The same vitamin, for example, Vitamin X, that is found on a piece of meat and on plants are only similar, but they are not the same!   Iron found on meat and veggies are NOT the same too.

Taoism VS Veganism? Total crash. We treasure our health and we will not go against our body’s nature. It’s like trying to tell a cat to not eat meat, they don’t feel happy internally, unless you know how to scam the cat to believe in veganism’s theory and make them feel bad about eating that poor fish!  (LOL!)

Chinese Medicine is Against Veganism Too

Chinese medicine theory is against veganism too. They talk about the balance that makes people healthy, and meat is one of the balancing ingredients. You can eat “less meat” if you live in the states with a “too much meat” diet, but cutting it out is just not right. You are missing one of the five elements that completes the pie.

Don’t Harm The Others

Veganism is not only dangerous to yourself, but also for your next generations. From the lack of meat consumption, pregnancy is getting more dangerous, and the lack of meaty nutrition will lead to children with less healthy organs as well. In the long run, it’s not going to be so good.

Human are meat eaters by nature, and Taoism teaches you to go WITH nature and not against it. Being naturally born a meat-eating, and converting yourself to be a vegan is just not right. Besides, vegan is a big scam, just do your own research and you will see all the facts and numbers that debunked veganism already. If you feel bad about the animals being killed, maybe it’s time to think about reality. Just because you stop consuming meat, doesn’t meant they won’t be killed. So let’s skip the bullshit and hand over the juicy steak. It’s epic meal time!

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