Taoism VS Reincarnation

TYLtheoryTaoism VS Reincarnation, is a commonly searched and discussed topic, but also commonly confused and mixed-up with the Buddhism’s version of the “Cycle of Life”. I would like to use the word “Cycle of Life” more, because it explains this process and subject better. But for the sake of SEO, I used “Taoism VS Reincarnation”  to target at those who are searching into this subject, and also confused about what Taoism theories say about this “Cycle of Life”. Wikipedia is a bad resource for this subject, because it leads people into more vagueness and confusion. Therefore, I will not quote from resources but explain it all to you in my own words, presenting you the Tin Yat Lineage Taoism theories.

Taoism VS Reincarnation: The Terminologies

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions.[1] It is also a common belief of other religions such as Druidism, Spiritism, Theosophy, and Eckankar and is found in many tribal societies around the world, in places such as Siberia, West Africa, North America, and Australia.[2] (Wiki)

According to Wikipedia, the word reincarnation is defined as above, which is not the case with Taoism to be exact. You may read my following lecture and learn about our theory.

Taoism’s Cycle of Life VS Reincarnation

In Taoism, we talk about human beings or living beings and their cycle of life by using the concept of “Three Souls and Seven Spirits” 三魂七魄. (3 Hun 7 Po in Mandarin). This theory, we will explain how it works with human beings here, and the theory do not apply directly to animals or other things. Animals might require a slight change or modifications for them due to the difference in anatomy and structure, but the concept is mainly the same.

The Three Souls

The three souls are pre-heaven energies and elements which cannot be seen with the naked eyes of human beings but they are proven exist by Taoist’s experiences and their witnessing of real life experience with spiritual problems, cultivation experience and so on. We work with these elements and see how it works with our eyes. When theory is applied to real life situation, they work, then we perceive them to be true. Therefore the theory of three souls are studied and to be witnessed and proven by the Taoist, at least that is how it works in Tin Yat Lineage. You learn the theory, see it works in real life situation by experience and encounters, and you mastered it and prove it real to yourself. (Read more interesting theories in our article of “Taoism VS Jing Qi Shen in Taoism“!)

The 3 souls are as follow:

  1. Soul-Mental 覺魂 (Gock Wun)
  2. Soul-Physical 生魂 (Saang Wun)
  3. Soul-Celestial 天魂 (Tin Wun)

Soul-Mental 覺魂 (Gock Wun)

This soul take care of the mental stuff such as thinking, psychological factors, emotions, etc. Clearly defined as the name is given.  Without this soul, you cannot think, feel, or interact with others, and you are no different from a dead object or a robot. When a ghost or entity possess a person, they often influence or attack this soul first, which screw up their logic, their thinking and gives them illusions which drives them crazy.

Soul-Physical 生魂 (Saang Wun)

This soul takes care of your physical actions and elements, such as your body movements, physical actions or any movements, actions, reactions, and so on. Without this soul, your body doesn’t move, and you become in coma. Some people only lost this soul and not the soul-mental, and they went in coma (veggie human state) but can still “hear” and “feel” when you talk to them. That’s the case!

Soul-Celestial 天魂 (Tin Wun)

This soul is there when you are born but it is very quickly suppressed and went into a deactivated state in a few months after birth. The reason for this is because post-heaven elements and Chi are being consumed, and these energies or Chi will deactivates this soul, which turn it into “Sleep mode”.  This soul is the only soul that allow one to connects to the pre-heaven elements, and also communicate with the supernatural, and so is sensing things that human cannot sense with the 5 major senses. In another word, we commonly say it’s the “sixth sense” (Not exact, but close).

If this soul is nuked, one will lost ability to cultivate any pre-heaven energies, or can even die soon due to the fact that health will decrease dramatically when this important soul is busted. This soul is in “sleep mode”, but it serve the purpose as the master-soul there to hold your two other souls in position. If this soul is busted, your two other souls will become unstable and insecure, which means, you will be easily knocked down by evil entities, evil magic or even some big shock in real life.

The Seven Spirits

The seven spirits are mainly 7 layers of energies that radiates from the human body and out. They are energies generated by your major organs, which is a form of post-heaven elements generating pre-heaven energies. The seven spirits energies are the fuel that fuel up your 3 souls and allow the three souls to be attached to your body and not float away.  You can see the 7 spirits are like a 7 layers of gasses that bounds and protects your three souls inside your body.  Just like our body have skin, muscles, bones, ligaments, blood vessels and many things that packed our organs in the body securely and protects them from harm that comes from outside. Simple and easy to understand, right?

In our article of “Taoism VS Chi Gung“, you will also know how Chi Kung can benefit your 7 spirits and strengthen them too!

With these knowledge above, you can now watch our video and the Cycle of Life will be very easy to understand. Shall you have any questions, I welcome you to ask in the comment box below!  Do not hesitate to ask!

Taoism VS Reincarnation: The Video

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