Taiwan Religion is EVIL – Possession all revealed by Taoist master

Taiwan Religion is EVIL – Possession all revealed by Taoist master

What Taiwan mostly believe in is Taoism but not the real Taoism. The Taiwanese are mostly flooded by Lui Shan Sect and Mao Shan Shen Gong. What these sects do is mostly scam, evil magic and calling themselves pure and holy. Yes it is a nasty evil culture that people don’t even realize it’s there. If you ever heard of the famous Mazu godness, click into “Mazu” to learn about it too. It’s a big scam.

Here I would like to introduce the full ritual and magic methods of the possession magic – Gi Tung. This method here is used mostly among all Lui Shan Sect branches which is famous and spread all over Taiwan. The specially picked person to become the Gi-Tung which is a professional person trained to get possessed by some kind of “god” or “deities” or whatever and do magic for people or give divinations for people in the ceremonies. Let’s see a YouTube video of how they are like in action first, scary:

Now let’s get going and move on with the real magic manual I had, this is Lui Shan Sect magic book. The section of gi-tung training introduction goes like this below… (see photo)

Basically the page on the right is telling you the key is to patience and respect, knee in front of altar and recite the spell on the left and soon you shall feel things coming (possessing your body).  If you don’t sense it, they do 2 more spells to boost it and “rush the deities to come down from heaven.” Here is the next page with the 2 more spells to rush the deities.

Then if the deities still don’t come, no worry, the page below show one more rushing spell on the right and then the left page is “mouth opening spell” for the master beside the gi-tung to empower the gi-tung and allow the deity to talk. (WTF?)

Okay now they go on with a spell on the right in the photo below to summon the ground deity and then left side is a spell to empower the gi-tung to make it “blast out” some celestial energy

The photo below is a spell (reserved for later use) is to tell the deity to go back home and not possess anymore. The left then start with the Taoism FU section… this fu is used for the master to write on the gi-tung’s left shoulder blade…

Photo below continues, right side is for left ear, left page is for center of head (top of head)…

Photo below continues, right page is for left back, left page is for chest and breast…

Now the photo below is for burning into the incense pot to make the incense pot boost up power and expose celestial lights.. the left page show a fu for burning into the incense pot for purifying the pot’s energy.

Then the people take the fu on the right page (photo below) to burn with some paper money and use the flame the roll or scan over the gi-tung to “cleanse” them (still need to be cleanse when a deity is in their body? wow). There used to be a “seat” with two poles supporting it from the side which is used for the gi-tung to sit or a statue to sit on, (god’s seat) and the right page show a FU used for taping on the two handles. (making it more holy)

Now the gi-tung burn and drink the two FUs below to summon the god power.

The left page below is empowering the gi-tung’s body, so they burn that FU with some paper money and roll it around the gi-tung’s body. Then they burn the FU on the left on the ground to make “clouds” for the deities to walk on. (yeah cool)

The right page below show a FU for using as a booster being blessed by their lineage or sect founder. Then the Gi-Tung must use the FU on the left to empower and burn one for each of their “special tools”. These tools are quite scary and are used for the rituals to show the god’s power.

Below we will show the 5 Gi-Tung’s treasure, which are all empowered by the previous FU for the Gi-Tung to use. They are all sharp and live blades for the gi-tung to use and chop or smack on themselves when possessed. The key point is – THERE MUST HAVE TO HAVE BLOOD in the ritual. The blood have to spray all over the place to be good and holy. They believe that the blood from the gi-tung will be a blessing and can exorcise evils or even to bring good luck.

The treasures are:

Seven Star short sword, which is often used in single or pairs and to be sliced on the tongue, smack on the forehead or chop on the chest and back to show god’s power.

Iron rod or staff with spikes, with about 14 sets of nails or spikes stick out from the red rod, some will be made with triangular blades as well. It is used to smack the back and the arms in the rituals.

Shark teeth sword, this is like a bat with the shark’s front tooth, which is made with real shark tooth (yeah right, now it is usually made with wood or something artificial to cut budget instead). There is a strict restriction on how many spikes or tooth there can be on each sides as well which is calculated by a poem. 2,3,7,8,9 spikes are good, 4,5,6,10,11 and 12 are bad and so if there are extra tooth they will have to pull it out first. This tool is used to smack the back to cause bleed…

Moon axe, they use this to chop their forehead and the shoulders…

The ball with nails or spikes, these are very scary balls that you don’t want to use for soccer. They are more scary than durians. The small one have 50 nails (approx) and the big one can go up to 100 nails. There are red cords that secure them all in place just in case the nails got into the flesh too much and damaged the tool. This is used to swing around and smack to nail into the back, shoulder, arms, head and so on.

Usually they will also a “Chinese Bra” which is used in the ancient time for female as bras.. and they made it for male as well to wear in the ritual.  They usually have some bagwa diagram and dragons and so on to make it cool.

They also have a needle call “dragon and tiger needle” which is a long needle for poking it through the cheeks and meaning that dragon and tiger from heaven is staying beside the gi-tung to bless him. (okay… make sense?)


They also have the FU above (right) to drink and rub on the wounds after the ritual is done, which they believe is to make blood circulate better and heal faster. (of course, it’s very bloody).  The fu on the left is a celestial power empowering fu for the gi -tung to burn or drink.

The photo above show (right page) a fu for the gi-tung to burn in front of the statues to “summon the god into the statue”. (enslave the god to become your dog?) and (left page) is a FU for the gi-tung to drink which allow them to talk with deity voice.

Photo above shows (right page) a fu for burning with some paper money and so the gi-tung and believers step over the fire pot and is believed to exorcise evils. (left page) is a FU to call the deity to leave the gi-tung and go home.

Another concluding FU to use for the deity to go back home.

Okay, we finally finished the INTRODUCTION of the full gi-tung chapter. I can’t believe I typed that much too. It’s LONG!  There are over 100 pages on these things just with the spells, FU , rites, and so on. Gi-tung are very professional job in the old days but now they seems to not get that professional anymore. According to my student Tin Lui, who is from Taiwan, he said that most new generations gi-tung are all DIY and mostly said they got some wisdom and knowledge from a dream and they started to do works for people already. Made up crap and scam people. Most of them don’t even use these crazy tools anymore because they want to go the easy too. So some will just get possessed and then perform some little tricks and start to spit words out of the mouth or draw on a sand box to give divinations and end the game quick, bill please. See video below for the more passive type of gi-tung in action.

After showing you so much about Taiwanese religion, or Taiwanese Taoism, you might be shocked and think… wow!  How come people believe in these?  Well, I don’t know!  They don’t seems to have any logic at all and they believe wooden dolls are so holy as well. They think gods and deities are like their pets, they can summon it to come and go anytime when they do the stupid spells and  they think they can control the god with spells as well. What kind of logic is this? God spelled wrong? —> DOG. ?

At the end here I would like to conclude by telling you all what Taiwanese religion is — it’s a scam and it’s an evil religion. It is all evil magic, possession (evil), and scam tricks with freaks practice and rituals. Yes there is a Lui Shan Sect which claimed to be Taoism and these Gi-Tung stuff are in that sect as well, but then if you ever read my article on Lui Shan Sect and Mao Shan Shen Gong, you will know what these so called Taoism are.  They are Taoism offhshoot or knockoffs, brewed up with folks magic and disguised in Taoism rituals and outlook. That is why most peole god scammed and think they are Taoism too. It is a very important thing for me to write this post here to make all aware of this. These are NOT real Taoism. If you ever got into these religion or even got these gi-tung to bless you or do magic for you, remember to find us to clean all that crappy negative energy and evil magic out of you.  They are going to bring you endless amount of troubles for your whole life and it is not going to give you any good luck at all because it is all EVIL MAGIC.

Nowadays, some Zhen Yi Sect also do gi-tung as well and that is very scary about how this practice get so hot and popular. Stay away from it. Do not do possession practice, it’s not right. It will destroy you slowly and not bring you to heaven. (HAHA)

Want to go for real Taoism? I suggest Tin Yat Lineage.

Mak Jo Si Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario inside Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kungfu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is positive, friendly, trustworthy and skillful! (more info…)

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Mak Jo Si

co-founder at Chi in Nature
Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kung Fu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is a positive, professional and powerful Taoist Master.

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