Shaolin Temple, Buddhist, Perverts and Frauds!


Shaolin Temple, Buddhist, Monks, how many perverts have we seen on the news now?

Maybe you are new to the real Buddhism going on in China and Asia.. but this is something very freaky. First of all, a monk was spotted (a temple host) at a forest near a temple, someone was nice enough to capture all the “good stuff” for you to know what is going on. This is from a Chinese forum in Canada, I just kept the picture smaller to avoid too much sexual content but… you get the idea.


After awhile, I saw a news that may shock you even more!

The 33th generation abbot of Shaolin Temple in China, Sik Wing Sun 釋永信 was arrested because he was caught of prostitution! This guy was good enough to have the government saved his @ss. Oh yeah, guess what the government try to say to save his @ss out of the situation? They said that this SHAOLIN MASTER was not going for prostitution, he is just going there to give BLESSINGS to those prostitutes………!  Wow! BLESSINGS?! What kind of blessings?! Making “new life” to reincarnate to this world? Great, once again proven China’s government is crooked and all they care is the “face” of China. If this guy got arrested, everybody hate Shaolin and where will the tourism money go? Now where will the monks have money to hand over to the gov’s? See the news! (click link to watch video on YouTube) or just click into our post to see it there.


I am speechless. I hate Buddhism but why can’t they just stop giving me excuse to hate them even more?

Two news today about these monks, how disgusting! We all know how the priest and pastors F little kids right? It was all over the news and it is all over the internet. Christianity is just a pot of crap. The higher you go, the scarier it is. But now, Buddhism is showing it’s true form! They are telling you how “real” their religion is, they are just like Christianity! Oh mine!

I had once wrote about how the Tibetan Buddhism are so into sex and all that crazy things such as eating human waste, drinking pee, sexual harass, etc. If you are interested in more “BUDDSHIT” stuff, here you go, a link to the nice article to show you why stay away from the LAMAs!

Want to know more about Christianity’s sexual stuff? Search up the and there are tons of stuff for you to enjoy.  OR you can visit these links to know about the famous mother Teresa and see what she is up to in reality instead of the “glossed over” version!  Yes, if you go to a church, your church probably say it’s fake, but the real history is here for you to read. Who do you believe?

The pope?


WISDOM FOR ALL! Avoid Buddhism!

Not to be off tracking too much, but many will now try to defend their religion and say “It’s just the people who are bad, not the religion.” Right? Here is my respond for you to enjoy!

Religion or a lineage or even a sect is just like a tree. The roots is what determine how the leafs and branches will turn out. If the root is bad, the leafs and branches will be bad. If the roots are good, there is nothing that can turn bad.

These religions had been bad since the beginning but just that nobody had dare to speak out and bust their crap, it doesn’t mean they aren’t bad at first. Just that now we have internet and technology allow us to know more about what is really happening, it doesn’t mean these craziness doesn;t exist in the old days.  It’s time to wake up and see the truth. Thanks for the invention of internet and technology, we can finally see something that waken our souls.

Buddhism is a big scam. If you want to read about their karma scam tricks, here is a nice one for you to read up on!

Karma is Bullshit – Taoist Explanation

Enjoy your day!

I am glad we say Happy X-mas and not Christmas or else that CHRISTmas will really start my year in a bad disgusted mood. Do you believe that sick looking man will save the world? He can’t even save himself!  Gosh!

Sorry for ranting too much, but I am sure you understand how I feel with all these crooked religions around. It’s a DISASTER to the world! 2012 is almost over, and we see the truth, what killed the world? Crooked politics, religions and these religious crap!

Update! (another source!)

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