Mao Shan Taoism – The Secret That Not Many Know

Mao Shan, a famous name you will hear when you search for Taoism and Taoist magic, is something you will never want to miss out. Most of the time, when we think of Mao Shan Taoism, we have an image in the mind of a man dressed in yellow Taoist robes, holding a sword, doing some kungfu moves and busting a few hopping Chinese vampires! Is that really Mao Shan? Why is the name Mao Shan so famous for Taoism? Let me the PRO guy tell you the truth.

Mao Shan Taoism is not famous because of any vampires related stuff! Actually it has nothing to do with those Chinese vampires too. Those are only the hype that were brewed up by the filmmakers during the late 80s in Hong Kong. What cause these people to use the name of Mao Shan to promote their movies is another myth that no many people know today.

There is a province in China called JiangSu 江蘇, and a city there named JuQu Shan 句曲山. Yes, it’s a real mountain there that is named JuQu and so the place was named after the mountain. Since the Qin Dynasty (date back to 220BC), people already believe that this place is full of good energy and so these alchemists or Taoist travel all the way to this mountain to cultivate their Taoist magic and Taoism stuff. There were once 3 brothers who cultivated in this mountain, and their last name is Mao. After these three brothers finished with their cultivations, they helped the people there to cure some of their sickness and saved a lot of lives. So people changed the name of that mountain to Mao’s mountain just to pay respect to them. Therefore, the place was later named Mao Shan (Mao’s mountain). This is the beginning of the southern Mao Shan sect Taoism.

Later on, during the Jiin Dynasty 晉代, this female Taoist from the Zhen Yi Sect 正一派 walked away from Zhen Yi Sect and travelled to this Mao’s mountain. The female Taoist is called Ngai Wa Chuen 魏華存 (251-334AD). This lady opened her own sect or lineage and they worship the 3 Mao’s Brother as their main deity, calling their sect Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect, which translates to Mao Shan Upper Pure Sect 茅山上清宗. This is the genuine Mao Shan Sect, which is also called the Mao Shan Main Sect 茅山宗. The difference between this sect and Zhen Yi Sect is that this sect focus on the cultivation of scriptures. She was suppose to bring the Zhen Yi Sect over to the southern China, but ended up creating her own sect, oh well. Later on, her student Yang Yi 楊義 helped her to promote the sect and made it BIG. After this generation, Mao Shan grew very fast and the name spread all over the place.

After knowing what is genuine Mao Shan, you might not even know why you are here, what does this have to do with the Mao Shan you see today?! Where is the ghost busters and the Taoist with swords and chopping down vampires?

Mao Shan is a HOT name back then and so many people started to use this name to earn big bucks by brewing up some of their own sects, copying what the Mao Shan guys do in the temple, but charging people a more affordable price. Just like how knockoffs are done today, giving you something similar in appearance, but at a cheaper price, and you don’t get whatever is claimed. In a simple way of saying it – it’s a scam. Those scam sects also call themselves Mao Shan, but with a different character. Instead of Mao 茅, they call themselves Mao 矛 and Mou 卯 or Maau 茆 or Mo 毛 Shan. They also worship a BIG and FAMOUS Deity in Taoism, whom they changed it a bit and call it Tai Sheung Lo Gwun 太上老君, claiming it is Lao Zi. That’s also what the Zhen Yi Sect claim, but these guys make it bigger by putting it on their altar as the main “deity” they worship. In these scam sects, they are totally not doing what the genuine Mao Shan does! They do ghost possessions, sorcery, folks magic, Shamanism, and all that crap that you can’t even make a sense out of.

But guess what, the real thing didn’t get famous in the society later on, because it is not promoting as crazily as the knockoff guys. While the genuine Mao Shan is happily cultivating their Taoism in the mountain, these knockoff dudes were spreading like crazy and breeding more eggs all over China. Most of them blends with folks belief magic, the White Lotus Religion and many cults to make their own pot of “Mao Shan Taoism”. What you see today that were marked Mao Shan all over Asia and the internet are not those genuine Mao Shan – but these.

The easiest way to differentiate between these and the genuine is that these knockoffs always focus on some possession practice, some blade-proof magic rituals and so on. While the genuine Mao Shan don’t even touch these things.

In the knockoff Mao Shan’s Sect, their altar always have a frame with some of their god’s name. On there, you can see they worship the “White Lotus Religion Founder” and the “Shaolin Founder” too. Who is the Shaolin founder? Not the Shaolin with monks that do kungfu, but a master in the Green Lotus Religion (a branch of the White Lotus Religion). There was this Green Lotus Religion in the past (a cult) that do possession practice, summoning spirits to possess their bodies and do kungfu, which is what we call “spontaneous kungfu” today. These things were called Shaolin Sun Da (The God Boxing of Shaolin). So the deity these Mao Shan dudes worship – the Shaolin Founder – is actually the person who created this spontaneous kungfu cult – a Green Lotus Religion master. Here is a Mao Shan Sect doing these “God Boxing”.

Also some “Blade Proof Scam”

Busted by me of course:

Great! After reading this article, now you can see what are those Mao Shan dudes all about! Whenever you see a Mao Shan sect that do blade proof rituals showing you how their magic can protect the students from sharp blades, doing possession practice, etc,. This is already a big proof of who they are and what their origin is. Don’t be fooled by these cults, they are not Mao Shan and they are not even related to Taoism. These are just cults that were all over the place back then to make big bucks by using the name of the famous Mao Shan Sect. These Mao Shan sects have nothing to do with Mao Shan Taoism and they are not even related to Taoism at all but using the name of Taoism to scam people. Beware of these Mao Shan Cults. Don’t fall for their scams!

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