Han Jian, Battle Sword Of Han Dynasty Review and Demonstration

Han Jian – Hand Forged Folded Steel (Damascus Steel) Blade, Review and Demonstration

This Han Jian (Han Dynasty Sword) here is hand forged by the swordsmith of Jeung’s forge in China who is famous for their Han style swords nowadays. This is not a display or practice sword, it’s a real deal functional sword made with DAMASCUS steel blade. (Folded steel). The blade is folded to 1024 layers and sharpened to a razor sharp edge for cutting light, medium and hard targets. It’s tested to be tough and sharp, a real deal sword that you can count on at all time no matter what you need it for.

The sword comes in a wooden scabbard made with rosewood and there are dark brown leather wrappings around the handle and the scabbard for better grip and decoration use. The belt loop is a metal fitting that is secured into place by the leather wrapping as well.  The antiqued brass fittings also gave the sword a more ancient vibe too.

A hard wood handle wrapped with brown leather cord to give you a solid and non-slip grip. It’s not too big and so most people with small hands can use the sword pretty well. The handle can fit 2 small  to medium size hands comfortably. This sword can be used with one or two hands!

This is the belt loop for hanging the Han Jian on the belt. The loop is secured to the scabbard by the leather wrapping in a very secure way.

This is the bottom of the scabbard, with a solid brass fitting and a flat end.

Pulling the sword out of the scabbard, you can see the V shape opening of the scabbard and the brass fittings that was mounted to the blade near the guard area. This plate serve a few purpose. One is to secure the blade in the scabbard, and one is to give the blade a better look!

The blade is in a greyish color in real life, it’s not reflective like the Cold Steel swords, but it’s smooth and polished to a nice smooth finish on top. The patterns of the Damascus steel blade is also very intense to the point that you might think all you see is a greyish color blade if you are standing 2 feet away. One side of the blade is engraved with four characters in Chinese “Ancient Han Treasure Sword”.

The other side of the blade have a dragon graphic and the name of the forge engraved on the blade. The patterns on the blade seems to be very intensively packed throughout the whole blade too. Oh yeah, it have 1024 layers, how to count? haha!

Here you can see the dragon and the forge’s name.

The pommel is a threaded pommel that you can unscrew out with ease if you are doing modifications or fixing the blade from inside. This weapon came very sturdy and strong build, I don’t even see the need to unscrew or take apart the sword.

The tip is meaty and sharp, great for thrusting and stabbing!  The patterns are more visible near the tip too.  You might not notice, but the blade is not straight on both edges. The blade tapers down to a narrower profile and form a narrower section about 1/3 from tip. This section is sharper and slimmer!

Here shows the thickness of the edge from the guard and down. Yes, the little bit from the guard isn’t sharpened at all due to the fact that we us e that part to block or parry, which we don’t want it to chip easily. This edge here is just good for those heavy duty blocks.

Overall, this sword surprised me with its light weight but good quality on the blade and construction all together. This seems to be a double handed sword, but usually you can use one hand to weld it. It’s so unique, so powerful, so sharp.

The sword comes with a nice gift box and a cleaning kit. Nice fancy box, not any cheapo cardboard boxes!  It’s really a sword that you can get to wow your friends!

 DAMASCUS Patterns of the Han Jian!

Han Jian Video Demonstration!

Now after the han jian review, let’s take a look at this han jian after my polishing and fine tuning job!  -> click to see Han Jian Re-polished!

Last but not least – cutting time!

More cutting, brutal test!

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