Feng Shui Goldfish – is it really working?

TYLtheoryFeng Shui goldfish is a very common practice in many Feng Shui practice today but not many people know about the reasons and theory behind. Some may even wonder if this is just another hoax with superstitious belief?  Why Feng Shui “Goldfish” and not a shark or a nice fancy marine fish?  Here I will list out the commonly promoted reasons for using Feng Shui Goldfish that most people will use:

  • Feng Shui Goldfish are great for bringing money luck
  • Feng Shui Goldfish are full of vital energy
  • Feng Shui Goldfish are “Gold” and “Black” which combine the gold and water elements to improve Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui Goldfish are there to absorb or take the blows of the negative energies from your house for you, and prevent you from taking it directly
  • Feng Shui Goldfish are for improving wealth and harmony in the house
  • Goldfish in Cantonese is 金魚, Gum Yue, which is the same sound as 金餘, meaning Gold, leftover. Which also mean you have excessive cash flow (rich!), you see how that trick is connected to the hoax?

No matter who you bump into, Feng Shui Goldfish is always about either luck of wealth, or dissolving bad luck and disasters energy for you, so you can avoid getting in big troubles.

Feng Shui Goldfish – Real or Hoax

As our article on “Taoism VS Feng Shui” had introduced, there are 3 major types of Feng Shui:

  1. Luen Tau Feng Shui 巒頭風水
  2. Lei Hei Feng Shui 理氣風水
  3. Taoism Feng Shui 道教風水

Using Goldfish in Feng Shui are often people who go with the second type, who use the astrology factors to determine Feng Shui of a house or office. In a lot of Feng Shui books, those “masters” will tell people to place a tank of Goldfish in a few common spots, which are mainly claimed to be good for boosting your luck of wealth or it will dissolve disasters and bad luck for you.

Sadly speaking, this is actually a hoax, brew up with superstitious belief and not genuine Feng Shui.  Yes it is not a problem to have Goldfish at home or in the office, but then it is not really going to work for bringing in more “luck” or having it to dissolve any disasters for you.

Feng Shui Goldfish 5 Elements Flaw

Feng Shui Goldfish are often promoted to have the “Gold” and “Water” elements, but that is not right too. Have you ever pay attention to “Goldfish”? They are orange in color, not gold. Orange falls in the “Fire” elements and not gold.  Black “Goldfish” falls in the category of “Water’ elements. But using color to categorize Goldfish is only a silly trick to fool the innocent people who doesn’t know about Feng Shui.  This is one of the biggest flaw indeed!

The 5 elements we talk about in Feng Shui is not only about color, but also about the subject, where it live, color, shape, size, etc. Goldfish lives in tank, and are often very passive animals, which totally fit the “Water” element category well. Gold?  Not really, unless it is aggressive and rounder like a ball and hard-shell protected!

Feng Shui Goldfish Number Counts Flaw

Feng Shui goldfish are often said to be kept and maintained at a certain number in order for it to “work” in that “setup”. The common number is 9, or 12. Or 9 “gold” and 1 “black”, etc. All these are due to superstitious only, and nothing related to real Feng Shui at all.

If the count of Feng Shui goldfish matters so much, you should think about the human count in a house first.  That means, if you have 3 in a house, sure. But if you have 4, maybe that’s too much, toss your kid into the neighbor’s house for better luck, because the number is not a “good number” and it “doesn’t work”. Make sense?

Goldfish is very high-maintenance and if you are not good at this, you will see your goldfish die from time to time, and there goes the stress – because you think something bad is going to happen!  If you ever had goldfish before, you will know how easy it is for a novice to see their goldfish get sick, die or even pop out of the tank in the middle of the night if you don’t have a cover over the tank!

A lot of scam Feng Shui masters will use this opportunity to tell you what disasters you have ahead of you and make money off you instead. (Sometimes they don’t earn money from you but get you more panic about your situation, so you need the masters even more!)

Small Factor? Big Factor

As explained in our article on “FATE in Taoism, Your Destiny“, you will know that our “luck” is not only determined by the Feng Shui of the house, but also by a lot of other Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven factors. A tank of goldfish is no more influential than a tree in your backyard or a dog in your house. It is just a very small factor, and it will not be a “miracle machine” making big bucks or making you mega rich.  It’s okay to have goldfish, but it is just not a miracle making thing. Money luck? Dissolve disaster? Don’t thing so.

Feng Shui Goldfish in the house

What if you really want to use Feng Shui Goldfish as a Feng Shui remedy? Or you just want to have some Goldfish in the house for fun?  Here are a few things to watch out, which will require zero Feng Shui knowledge, nor a Feng Shui compass…

  • Do not place it in the toilet, kitchen, bedroom, or somewhere dark and cold
  • Place it near somewhere you can clean and fill the tank easily, or make sure there is a way to do it so it is not stressful for you
  • Consult the professionals in the store about the size of the tank you need for the amount of goldfish you want to have. Usually if you want to place 8-10 Goldfish there, it is often suggested that you get a 60 gallon tank to be “safe”.
  • Placing it near the doorway is okay, but be “logical” and have “common sense”. Don’t put it in a way that may have the risk of it falling over.
  • Use good-quality filter, tanks, and gravel. Make sure you clean it often and upkeep your tank to prevent moles and bacteria.
  • Use colored stones for the gravel, avoid red, orange, yellow, or metallic colors. Best to use blue, black and similar colors in that tone.
  • Put some “fish toys” in the aquarium, make the place more “lively” and active. Good to always have the lights on, and turn it off at night.
  • Do not overfed the fishes and follow the professional’s guidance on maintenance work.

With these tips, you will not mess up anything much and the Feng Shui will not be affected in a bad way. Goldfish is a fun hobby, but not really a big Feng Shui miracle maker. Do not over-estimate it, or treat it like a sacred tool, because it is not.

Feng Shui Goldfish is all a hoax due to superstitious and folk’s belief. It doesn’t have that magical power to turn your life from hell to heaven, make you rich, or dissolve disasters for you. If your goldfish dies and you also got some “small disasters” happened, it doesn’t mean it had “dissolved” it for you, it is just being affected by the same Feng Shui in the house with you. Do you realize that those goldfish had become a part of your family too?  If your house’s Feng Shui is bad, or some negative energy attacked, you get affected, they also get affected too – hence the bad luck or disasters for both will happen at about the same time! Nothing is “absorbed”, it’s just another member in the house that got hit with you!

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Mak Jo Si

co-founder at Chi in Nature
Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kung Fu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is a positive, professional and powerful Taoist Master.

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