Difference Between Taoism Handsigns and Buddhism Mudras

You might realize that both Taoism and Buddhism might have something like what the ninjas did in the movies – handsigns or mudras. While they might look alike, they are really two different things that cannot even be mixed or confused.  Taoism and Buddhism are already two different religions and they do not even relate or mix.

If you find a Taoist sect who claim to be okay with Buddhism, it’s time to turn away because you just found a crooked sect that was passed down from a long time ago – which only survived till today’s world because they bow down the lick the toes of the kings and queens in the past who used Buddhism to manipulate their people living in China. Well, yes, sadly speaking, it’s corruption that made religions sustained most of the time. Not to forget to mention that the Christians are already famous for the crap in the “Dark Age” or even things before that. Their pope and stuff is no different from a rebel politic house. Read history and you will be more disgusted with the religion. The more you read into it, the more you will feel sick and tired of it, or even disgusted by it.

Buddhism is what kicked into China since long time ago. The Mongolians favored it while they knock over China in the Yuan Dynasty and from then on, the king favored Buddhism and some new sect who brew up some crap about mixing Buddhism and Taoism together was beloved by these kings, funded by them and made rich with their temples and names with the king’s signature behind it. What made these sects survived?  Not because they are right and genuine, but because the king said you need to believe it. If you don’t go with the flow, you can enjoy a nice execution in China back then. Who dare to speak the truth and even record the truth anyway?  China is crooked, just like the one today.  Anyway, back to our topic of the handsigns…

Buddhism Mudras

Buddhism mudras is well known throughout the world today because their promotion is going crazy with movies and books. Thanks to the famous political monk who people still somehow believe – Dalai Lama. He made a lot of connections with politicians and even actors and actress, so everybody now believes he is the guy who represent Tibetan Buddhism or even Buddhism the most. The sad thing is, with this crazy Tibetan religion around, even games and movies seems to go all Tibetan vibe today, sick!

As from the Wiki link here, you can see a brief description of mudras, and it is often used in Indian religion such as the Hinduism, Buddhism and so on.



They are commonly explained to be hand or body gestures of the gods and deities in their religion. They often have statues and pictures of their gods or deities holding a specific handsign and you can see their mudras are often named after the god or deities too. By doing the same gestures, they believe the god or deities will channel them power to bring them whatever enlightenment or even possess them (in some sect that do possession, such as Tibetan Buddhism).  There are often full body mudras in their Buddhism Yoga too, which are done with some breathings patterns to perform their “cultivations” for achieving whatever goal they claim.

Taoism Handsigns

Taoism handsigns are not like Buddhism, and they are not copying a gesture of a deity at all.  We don’t do possession or even possession related stuff in Taoism. We always say that if gods are like something you can call up and they will come to possess your body right away, the gods are even worse than dogs. Who do you think you are that the deities and gods have to listen to you like they are your slaves?  I think if you relate the gods and deities to some very important people on earth now, like let’s say you want to see the queen of X country. Let’s see, what is the chance of you can actually reach them by phone even you got the phone number? Or if you can reach them, when do you think your appointment with them will end up to be booked on?  Next year April? For 10mins? Wow, the gods and deities have to come INSTANTLY when you call them, what the heck?  That doesn’t make sense now, right?

Taoism is not a human-centered religion, we don’t talk about saving the world or being a superhero. In Taoism, we talk about learning things in the religion, cultivating to gain the abilities and use them to improve life by making life better, easier and happier. That’s all. You don’t NEED to go to heaven or even save the world.That’s not what we talk about here.  Okay, back to the topic, why we do handsigns?

We like to call this “Taoism Handsigns” because it is better name in English and not in some Indian langauge like “mudras” which make no sense to my brain. Handsigns are literally a sign with the hand, just like road signs, they are designed to show a message for the drivers and passengers. Just like the “Beware of Wet Floor” sign, it is for making people aware of the wet floor. Handsign in Taoism is done with spells, which are like designed “codes” and passwords to acknowledge the CR (celestial realm) energy source that we cultivates to connect a specific type of energy and in a specific manner to our hands or body and allow us to do what we call “magic” – which is to use that energy in a certain way to achieve a certain effect.

These handsigns are not copied from photos or statues of some “gods and deities”. They are not even done to imitate or make an icon of something. These handsigns are just like our Taoism FU, they are directly taught to us from the celestial realm, and we record them and cultivate them to see it’s effect and power. They do not decode in human language and do not mean anything to you with the human logic. It’s a password, just like “Jkd19809@nL100j4X”, it’s a code.

While some of our handsigns might be similar to something already exist, which is also a question I had in 2009 when I first started inherit and learn the magic of Tin Yat Lineage from Taoverse Deity, he said “We are all human, we have only 10 fingers, how many positions can you make? You can’t go away from the set amount of combinations, right?”  That’s true, a black guy can throw a horizontal punch, a caveman can do the same, while a Chinese kungfu guy can do the same punch too. It doesn’t means that doing that kind of punch means you are doing Karate or kick boxing, right?  We have palms, fingers, and so on, of course our handsigns combinations can’t go away from the stuff our hands are capable of doing!  Wow, how straight forward!

Taoist Magic, Handsign, Truth

Taoist magic handsigns are not for show, and you don’t need to question its power. When you are ordained into the lineage, you will already be able to use it and it will work. What do we mean by “it will work?”. In Buddhism, people learn a handsign and do a spell / mantra over it for zillion times and think they will get some “energy” down or something. Hey, that’s like saying you got a cotton swab and can use that to poke a hole through the metal sheet when you stab the metal sheet a zillion times. that’s not working.  In Taoism, we give you a drill and you drill through it right away. That’s what we call “working”. Just like the basic handsign we use in Tin Yat Lineage can be used for exorcism and killing ghosts or spirits. Simply as said, our students had witnessed the effectiveness of it by nuking a ghost that try to harm them and BOOM it is gone and shattered in front of their eyes. Now that’s real magic. Real magic doesn’t have delays and you don’t need to “hope” for things to happen. It’s solidly as it is, you do it and it will work right away.

The difference between Buddhism magic and Taoist magic is that Buddhism ALWAYS pray and hope for things to happen. Taoist doesn’t pray and don’t hope for things to happen, we do something to MAKE it happen right away. If the thing cannot happen, then it means the magic is not working or not functioning. A drill that doesn’t drill into wood means it is not functional, simple as it is.  Try to dig into some Buddhist “mantras” and you will see the translation of them are always about praying, hoping and wishing for something to happen. Taoist magic doesn’t go this way.  Our magic is direct, functional and real as steel. It needs to work right away, and we don’t tolerate crap that just gives you false hope.  We don’t pray and we don’t hope for crap to happen. Maybe you think I am kind of sarcastic, but I am just speaking out the truth here. If you got a solid job that pays you, then you don’t need to HOPE for a salary, right?  Only scams and frauds are about false hope and endless cultivations for something you cannot see and reach – which most commonly are about the “after death” stuff most religious cult praise and Taoism doesn’t.

Read the 36 Handsigns of Tin Yat Lineage if you want to know more about the basics of Taoist magical handsigns we use in Tin Yat Lineage! See a demonstration of the 36 foundational handsigns in a video below!

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