Daily Taoist Magic Cultivation Benefits


Taoist Magic is very practical and very fun to learn, but it is not something you can just keep on using without doing your part to cultivate and earn your “Magic Power” just like in the video games!  Think about the red and blue bars, you need to fuel those up to make your super-cool-blast!   What if you keep blasting out fireballs and not recharging that bar up?  Well, your fireball gets weaker and weaker, then eventually it will not fire out anything at the end because your juice is all gone.

In Tin Yat Lineage Taoism, we have a lot of methods to cultivate for our Taoist magic power. Here I will tell you a very basic way to cultivate with a very easy going daily practice!  This method is only for our students or registered believers. If you want to do it, you may register as registered believer first if you agree to our agreements. (Register Here)

My suggestion for the basic cultivation is, everyday once or twice the best:

  1. Burn Incense for the altars with spells
  2. Formal Bow
  3. Daily Nine Spell Rites
  4. and others…

Here is our student Tin Wun (Lisa Wang) from New York, demonstrating her Daily Nine Spell Rites with handsigns in front of her altar.  She is just trying to do it by memory here and so it’s not as fast as reading, but it’s still very good progress of learning!

There are many ways to build up and cultivate Taoist magic power in Tin Yat Lineage Taoism, but this is one of the most basic way to do it as a student or a registered believer of Tin Yat Lineage. If you cultivate this daily, you will be rewarded with more effectiveness toward the magic you do.  Oh, and don’t forget that your Altar’s FU that you did must be change from time to time too.  Your Taoist magic power upgraded and so your FUs should be rewritten to ensure your altar also get the latest energy update!

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Mak Jo Si

co-founder at Chi in Nature
Mak Jo Si (Master Mak) is a cheerful and friendly 100% truly pure Taoism Master who hates evils. He is the owner of Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. He is talented in Taoism, Exorcism, Fengshui and Kung Fu. Since 1996, Mak Jo Si started his life time career of Taoism which ensure you that he is a positive, professional and powerful Taoist Master.

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