Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker Review and Demonstration! (First On YouTube!)

cold steel chinese sword breaker

Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker

The Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker is a very unique but traditional Chinese weapon. This is a real functional weapon made of 1055 carbon steel, rosewood handle and scabbard, silver and nickel fittings and a nice sturdy construction. I love this weapon for it’s weight! It’s a whooping 3.2lb blade alone and with scabbard it’s about 4lb!  I love to get a nice heavy sword but can never find one that fit my taste, here it is!  A Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker with the scabbard on (very tight) will be my training sword! Just good! Take a look at the beast!

cold steel chinese sword breaker full shot

The Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker comes with a squarish scabbard, but it’s wider on 2 side which made it more like a rectangular like than a square. The wood is nicely prepped rosewood (hard wood) and it’s just beaming out some practical vibe saying “use me for real combat!” kinda thing. haha!


Nothing fancy but the fittings are simple and just right. It’s made with nickel and silver alloy, very simple in design and just enough to make this a functional weapon.


The end of the scabbard is also protected by a fitting with some simple design as well. It’s all secured in by a brass pin.


The handle is very long, you can fit 1.5 hand on the handle if you like but I prefer to use it like a sword. Let’s take it out!  Pull!!!!  This Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker is so tightly fitted in the scabbard!


Wow! There it is! The Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker!  It’s blade is very unique. It have four edges that are not sharp for cutting anything but you can use them for smashing down the target which also work with great damaging power.


You can see there is a peg in the handle which is for securing the tang inside the grip, totally made for real use!


The back of the handle is the pommel and a “peen” like thing which is actually a nut cap that you can remove with the help of a vice grip. Inside the pommel, there is a nut and a washer that secure the tang and handle in place. Similar to the Jade Lion Sword’s construction.


Here you can see the blade’s geometry clearly. It’s 4 edges with 4 U shape blades that curve inward. Nice simple design on the guard too, I love it!


The blade is polished to a mirror finish and is actually very attractive when I first pull the weapon out!


The tip of the Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker is very sharp and pointy, it can poke through ANYTHING with ease, even metal!


Close up! You can see the tip more in this photo! The Chinese Sword Breaker’s tip is the most deadly thrusting tip I have ever seen, it’s so scary!


You can see the scabbard’s opening here, it’s not a perfect square, it’s a rectangular shape scabbard. You can only fit the weapon in one way and not the other. But once it’s inside, it fit VERY tightly that you can even use the weapon with scabbard on and the scabbard won’t fall out!


After all, this is one of the most unique weapon on the market that you can buy for actual use. If you look at Cold Steel’s promotional video for this product, you can see that they can even break breaks, concrete and tiles with this thing. This is a beast!  I don’t doubt it’s ability to kill!

Here, let’s enjoy a video review and demonstration of the Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker by me!

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