Cold Steel Battle Gim (Jian) Total Review With Great Photos and Video! (New for 2012!)


Cold Steel Battle Gim (Jian) Chinese Sword, New for 2012

Cold Steel Battle Gim, the ultimate heavy duty DAMASCUS Chinese battle sword we all long wanted since the first GIM sword is finally here in 2012! Well it took a bit of time for me to get it and finally decided to put it in my basket, but now it’s here and you are all going to get the best review online from TAOIST MASTER BLOG!  Many people complained about the look of the guard and all that, you know what? Forget about it, the sword is totally awesome and handling is FANTASTIC if you learn how to weld it right!  It’s a battle sword, not a “Tai Chi sword” you know? Most people don’t even know the difference between a battle use sword and a Tai Chi sword, they think it’s just a sword, but here let me tell you this – no it’s not. The Battle Gim is meant to be a battle use sword and so you NEED to know some battle vibe techniques and so on to manipulate the blade. Of course, all soldiers are trained and pumped with muscles too, do you got those muscles? Let’s take a look at the sword!


The sword arrived in 100% flawless condition and the first impression I got is – holy sheet, this is a dang battle like weapon!  The weight of the whole thing with the scabbard is very solid, you feel like holding onto a solid steel bar when you grab the sword. It’s nothing that can explain it well enough, the wood scabbard with the sword inside feels like a steel bar – you got that? STEEL BAR!


The sword’s handle and scabbard look like they were in different color in the photo but in real life the scabbard is abit darker and so they are not that different in color from far away. Maybe it’s the lighting problem that made the wood from the scabbard look abit lighter? The handle and scabbard is made with high quality rosewood (hard wood) and polished to a smooth and nice finish. This is just too good to be true, it’s really GOOD quality wood I am holding now!


The handle is made of solid hard wood (rosewood) and polished to an ultra fine polish but seems like it’s coated with some kind of oil that made it darker. The white lines are actually not “white”, In real life, they are SILVER lines which show they sparkles in the shade of light. The hole at the back is the thing that runs through the handle, the tang and out the other way. This is a feature to secure the tang and the handle together but also to act as a decoration and a hole for looping the tassel that it came with. Sorry, no tassel photo here because I took it out when I use the sword and now I can’t put it back yet!


The pommel is so well graved out of blackened iron, just like other fittings on the sword and scabbard. The design is all about flowers and leafs. As you can see the “peg” or roll pin that goes through the handle is also a flower as well. Why flowers? stay tune for the explanation!


The butt is a “peen” like thing but it is a nut cap that you can use a vise grip to clamp and twist it open just like the Jade Lion Sword. This allow you to open the pommel up and tune the nut inside the pommel which is located inside the pommel.


The guard is actually the best part of the handle because it’s so well designed that you can’t appreciate it until you handle the sword. The handle feels so secure in handle and this guard is just right for any movements, it’s not going to block your “flower” movements when you turn and swing your sword around. Trust me, it’s 100% okay.


Here goes more flowers on the scabbard and the scabbard is very nicely done. What I mean by nice is that it slides the sword in smooth and fast and when it is nearly closing up, the sword will get tighter and tighter gradually and close up to a snug and secure fit. It feels like two magnets slowly pulling together, VERY high quality design!



The fittings on the scabbard is secured on the scabbard with a brass pin and you can easily remove those using a hammer to pick them out for big maintenance job like oiling and so on.


There is a ring that loop over the fittings and as you can see the fitting here is in three part. The strip that loop and circle through the scabbard, the dome shape piece that cover on edge up and lock the first piece in place, then the ring that finally go over the first piece’s hole to secure it in place and to give you a hole for the wall hanging strap. I think Cold Steel can include one to be better but it’s okay even they didn’t.



The bottom piece of the scabbard is very shiny and smoothly polished at the bottom and it looks like as smooth as baby skin. This is well designed too because you don’t want something too elegant at the bottom and dent or damage it when your sword is tapped on the ground!


See the texture of the wood grains, it’s so beautiful just looking at these patterns already!


Pull the sword out!!!!  DING!!! The sword is just like the Jade Lion Sword, it’s so well polished and the patterns are so subtle which made it so classy and high class looking!  No cheap etching job, no imitation crap patterns, no welded damascus, it’s a REAL folded steel blade with the patterns all there but polished to a mirror finish!


The opening of the guard is so good and you can still see the size of the tang there, WIDE!


The sword is pretty good in terms of weight, it’s a 2lb 8oz sword which is much heavier than the Cold Steel GIM (2lb 2oz) and the Jade Lion Sword (2lb 3oz). This is a sword with THICK blade! Thickest of the three!


The edge reveals it’s subtle pattern and it’s sharpened to a razor sharp edge that can cut paper easily and it’s a really scary sword!


The tip here shows that it’s a nice thrusting tip meant for heavy duty. The blade is profiled to a flat diamond geometry design.


Take a look at the handle with blade!


With no flash and special techniques, in a darker close up, the pattern look like this in real life, very subtle, very nice and wavy. You can’t missed it, it’s much more obvious than the Jade Lion Sword, MUCH more obvious. I can say that you don’t even need to tilt the sword around to see it.

Now why are you here? You want to see the DAMASCUS pattern of the Cold Steel Battle Gim don’t you? HERE WE GO! Special techniques used for shooting these photos!


Near the guard’s opening…


further out..


and further out…


The tip!!!


Closer up!


Flipped it around


going back down..


and down..


and down to the guard



Now back in scabbard!


HOLY SHEET! This is a NICE SWORD!  The Cold Steel Battle Gim really surprised me with the handling characteristics! Love the weight and the damascus steel blade plus the guard!  Everything is so well in a package that you won’t want to put it down until your arms are sore! This sword is really nice!  I would give it a 10/10 for the real sword list!

Overall, I am very impressed with the sword and whatever people said online about the guard and stuff like that totally don’t apply to the sword at all. For me, I can do anything with it and don’t feel anything is an obstacles at all. The blade is nice and everything is flawlessly good! I love how they made the blade so classy with no cheapo etching done on the blade, that’s a real sword for battle!  I would say that abit more weight like a 3lb blade will be more ideal for me but oh well, who cares, this is GREAT!

Meanings of The Cold Steel Battle Gim’s Design


The Cold Steel Battle Gim’s theme is all around flowers and leafs which represent spring (the season) and spring is suppose to mean a new start of a bright year, or even a lively, happy, and peaceful vibe!  This sword is actually named the Battle Gim but with with all these design it means that the sword will bring a bright prosperous future with the victory of battle!  this sword’s design now set the sword to become the “Battle Sword of Prosperous” to bring us a good and bright faithful future!  Cold Steel release this sword in 2012, obviously it is a good sword to own for wiping out all the silly non-sense “end of word” crap that is flooding around the globe. This sword will welcome your new and bright future in 2013!  Thank you Cold Steel for the blessings! Hopefully we don’t need to nuke zombies with this blade at the end! hahaha!


In action! Forms demonstration!

Destruction test on COMPUTER!

Just a nice preview here.. coming up – “Cold Steel’s Chinese Swords comparison!”


WOW!  Cold Steel Jade Lion Sword, Cold Steel Battle Gim, Cold Steel GIM sword.. now which is the best and which is good for what? Stay tune for our future review!!!

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