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Taoism perspective and views on things


Taoism VS Shamanism

Taoism VS Shamanism, which we call 薩滿教 (Saat Moon Gaau -in Cantonese), is a very interesting topic to discuss. A lot of people dig the “ancient” or “old fashion’ religions because they are old and that means they must be more “wise” than us today.  Is that true? Do these …


Taoism VS Breatharianism

Taoism VS Breatharianism is a very fun topic to discuss. A lot of people might have read into the fasting or Bigu …


Taoism VS Filial

Taoism VS Filial, 孝 (Haau – in Cantonese) is an old fashion word that is not commonly heard in today’s society. The …


Taoism VS Veganism

Taoism VS Veganism, it is often a topic that people assume we will agreed to, because many Buddhist will love the idea …