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Articles about Taoism Magic, anything from the famous Mao Shan to Luk Yam, from Zhen Yi to other lineages and sects including Tin Yat Lineage. No matter it is real or a scam trick, read and know about it.

Cultivate the Tai Yang Energy in July, Great to do!

Chi gung (qi gong) is not powerful enough, it’s too slow, too mild. In Taoism, we do something stornger, more effective and that is the magical power of Taoism — “faat”. Tai Yang energy program allow you to cultivate and transform your energy base from neutral or negative to super positive and pack on new positive and pure energy to provide you protection, good luck, and good health. read on..!

What it Takes for Taoism Magic to Work?

What does it takes for the real Taoism magic to work? You might wonder. Even if you find us, the real Taoism master, the magic also require a few very important factors to work and that is not hard to have, it’s just not commonly known. Read on..