2013 Feng Shui and Luck Flow

2013 Feng Shui and Luck Flow


For all of you who wonder how is the 2013 Feng Shui energy flow is going to be, here we will not only give you a nice preview and plan for 2013, but also to show you a bit of preview for different countries and how they will be like in 2013. If you are planning to move, to travel or even to consider expanding your business to other places, read my advice before you take actions!images

2013 Feng Shui For All

With the Feng Shui system of the “Nine Flying Stars”, we can already see the basic patterns of things and give you a nice preview of 2013’s Feng Shui pattern. Here are the major outlines you should know or make changes to in advance. Please note that this is just going to be a general Feng Shui setup. If you want something more accurate and more precise to fit your case, please feel free to have us do a Feng Shui session for you and your house!

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Main major luck flow

The main major luck flow is pretty bad this year. When you try to make decision and plans, they usually don’t work out that well. Your health might be getting worse and you will experience a lot of problems which make the life of 2013 a bit hectic and hard to grasp onto. In order to avoid troubles, we suggest you avoid doing renovations and major changes to your home and don’t make big changes to your house such as building something in your backyard, changing a big TV, etc.


If your bedroom, main door or even your dining room or working desk is in this direction of the house, this year you will experience some problems with absorbing information from studying, hard time working and digestive system or appetite.  If this happens to be your case, try using a bit more white color for this direction may reduce the problem.

North East

This is the money luck direction this year, if your door, office tables, or even the working room is in this direction of the house, you will do well in business and work. Make sure that you remember to save up no matter how good your business go. To boost your money luck energy, add lighting to this direction or location in the house.


If your phone, bedroom, work desk is in this direction, you might have more rumors and villains this year, which result in some bad rumors and bad arguments. No worry, they won’t harm you that bad overall, it’s a temporary thing only. Just let time dissolve the lies.

South East

This place is the literacy and studying spot for the year, but the energy is being blocked and stuck by the year’s main energy in the center. Even your working table, bedroom or studying desk is here, you won’t have a good time doing your work and getting things done. The way to reduce the harm is to move the desk elsewhere or put some kinds of metallic decorations in that place. A clock might work best.


This spot is suppose to be good for the love and relationship this year but then if your master bedroom is in this location, you might experience some arguments and fights with your partner. To reduce the problem, add more red and pink to the place and avoid too much yellow and beige color for the room.

South West

This is the spot  for sickness this year. If your bedroom, kitchen, washroom and dining room or eating area are located in this direction of the house, you will experience more sickness this year, mostly the digestive system or the stomach problem. The major victim should be the females in the house too. Watch out and prepare medicine for these problems.


If your office or bedroom is located here this year, you will experience a lot of fights and arguments. Change the arrangements of the furniture and be careful when you speak to avoid problems.

North West

This is the direction that is great for career this year. This direction is good for any home office, bedroom or even working table. By making use of the Feng Shui of this direction, you will study better, work better and focus more. To boost the energy, put up a clock (if not a bedroom) that have a metal frame and it should help  to boost it a bit.

2013 Feng Shui For The World

In general the whole world is going to go through a pretty tough and hard time this year, just stay low profile and low-key for the year and avoid investments or big  plans. If you own a business, it’s best to be conservative and do less adventurous actions.

Canada and USA are going to be better than Asia (China). They will be more peaceful even they are stuck and going through a hard time with economics. China and many Asia countries are going to go into a pretty bad situation, chats and lots of political problems.

Seems like some frictions will be going on in Asian between different countries there and so it’s best to avoid even sticking around those places. Avoid traveling to Asia and you should be fine in 2013 staying in Canada or USA.

Between Canada and USA? I would say the Feng Shui energy flow for Canada is better as compared to US. The states might encounter more disasters and problems compare to Canada. But no worry though, these are just small problems that bothers the governments and politicians. If you don’t do investments and stuff, it won’t affect you much.

2013 Feng Shui energy flow is quite hectic and bad, but as long as you stay conservative, stay low profile, reserve your energy and funds, you will be doing fine. It won’t harm you at all. Don’t forget to read our “2013 Fan Tai Sui Guide” and “2013 Future Forecast” to understand more about what to prepare and avoid in 2013 for the best luck!

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