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*For 2014 Fan Tai Sui, please read “2014 Fan Tai Sui (Year of Horse) Guide

2013, The year of snake!  Here, I will talk about the all-time famous fan tai sui!  My 2012 Fan Tai Sui article was so well loved and read by many people, how can I not make one for 2013?  Thank you for all the readers for supporting our article and genuine knowledge!  There are too many old common BS out there that are just flooding the world with false knowledge on these things due to the lack of real knowledge. Here, we are going into the real deal, not the superstitious stupid stuff. Let’s see what the real thing is about! First we got a lecture that teaches you the theory of Fan Tai Sui.

Basically, Fan Tai Sui is about a certain kind of energy that beams from Jupiter to planet earth and affects a certain group of people on earth. This can be calculated by using the Chinese invented a calendar system that involves the “Heavenly Stems” and the “Earthling Branches”.

Fan Tai Sui – The Common Mistakes

Most people think Fan Tai Sui can be determined by looking at your birth year and relate that to the chart, and you are for sure to fall in the Fan Tai Sui group if your year’s animal is there. Wrong! That’s not true!

The animal of the year is just the “Earthling Branches” that we use in the calendar system. Every year, month, day, and even time is composed of a combo of “Heavenly Stem + Earthling Branches” like a number and a letter. There are 60 combos in total that cycles on and on. Which means the Fan Tai Sui affected “Earthling Branches” can be in your birth year, but not your birth month, day or time. It can even be in your month, day and time but not the year!

If you only try to find out if you are Fan Tai Sui by looking at the birth year, it is very inaccurate and misleading. You can be on the list, but you don’t find anything happen to you that is even bad or anything. Why?  Because your birth month, day and time aren’t affected, and the year factor is only one small factor in the bunch of things to consider!

The Correct Way Of Fan Tai Sui Calculation

Fan Tai Sui should be determined by looking at the birth year, month, day and time all together to see how much you are affected in the combo instead of just looking at the year factor. By knowing the “animal of the year” from our chart, you are actually getting the “Earthling Branches”. Now we will introduce the Fan Tai Sui animals for 2013!

2013 Fan Tai Sui Victims

To cut all the crazy calculations and math behind, here are the animals that are Fan Tai Sui in different ways. I will include the “Earthling Branches” beside the animal for reference as well.

【刑太歲】- Conflict and fights – Monkey  (Sun申) , Tiger (Yan 寅)

【沖太歲】- Troubles and failures – Pig (Hoi 亥)

【值太歲】-  Conflict and fights – Snake (Jee巳)

【害太歲】 – Unharmonious with people – Tiger (Yan 寅)

【破太歲】- Careless and mistakes – Monkey  (Sun申)

Now, here is the trick. Go to this site and find your date of birth by using the Calendar.  Thanks to technology, it saves a lot of time!

Find your year, then month (western calendar) and day. Now click on the day you are born and you will see three sets of yellow Chinese characters.

For example, click on 1984, March 10. That will give you: 甲子、丁卯、癸卯.

The bold words are Year, Month and Day. The 2 characters before it is the heavenly stem on the left and Earthling branches on the right. All you need is the right side.  See if any of the 3 characters matches the ones in the list of Fan Tai Sui for 2013 above.  In this case, no.  What about yours? Mark it down and mark down like this:

YEAR – tiger /  MONTH – no / DAY – monkey (just an example)

Now, your time of birth! Please find yours below and see if that Chinese character (Earthling branches) is in the list of Fan Tai Sui victims for 2013 and add the last thing to your secret math.

子 (Ji) , 11pm-1am

丑 (Chau), 1am-3am

寅 (Yan), 3am-5am

卯 (Maau), 5am-7am

辰 (Sun), 7am-9am

巳 (Jee),9am-11am

午 (Ng / Um), 11am-1pm

未 (Mei),1pm-3pm

申 (Son),3pm-5pm

酉 (Yau),5pm-7pm

戌 (Sut),7pm-9pm

亥 (Hoi),9pm-11pm

After getting the Year, Month, Day, and Time results, you can now determine how badly affected you are in 2013 with the Fan Tai Sui problem.

The year is the general luck, but it cannot be that bad if your other three isn’t affected. The more you are affected, the more problems you get. So for a person who have all Year, Month, Day and Time on Fan Tai Sui, they are really going to get a lot of troubles in 2013!  There are two “double troubles” in 2013 Fan Tai Sui as well, which are the Monkey and Tiger. If you got these, they count as double the damage too!  Bad!

How to Determine Fan Tai Sui Degree for 2013?

Check your Year, Month, Day and Time factors!

Year – In general, this is what affect you over a year of time, which means it isn’t that bad if you only have this field fan tai sui. It’s like spreading the harm over one year, not really bad. That is why when people say you just have to look at your birth year to determine if you are fan tai sui, they really don’t find this fan tai sui thing affecting them much.  It’s all due to the lack of proper knowledge, so they don’t know the real theory behind.

Month – If this field is affected, it adds the fan tai sui damage to every month. Meaning that if fan tai sui takes down 100 points for you in 2013, and if that is in the month field, you subtract 100 points every month. Where as if you are affected by the year, you subtract 100 points over one year!

Day – if this field is affected, it means the damage of fan tai sui is there for you every day. This factor is rather small but harmful as well. Yet, the fan tai sui for each day might not be too bad if your year isn’t affected, but still, it’s a scary factor.

Time – This field is affected? Oh man, this isn’t going to be a fun year for you. But if your year and month isn’t affected, this field won’t be taking much effect.

In general, the rule is, the year comes first, but the rest determines how bad it can get. Even if your year isn’t affected but the others are, it is still a very bad situation too. But if your year, month and time isn’t affected and only the day factor is, then it is not going to have much effect on you.  Look at for 2 or more fields to be affected and that should be the time you have to start planning on what to do to dissolve the problems in advance.

To learn how to do the math and calculate the FTS factors yourself? Read “Mastery of Fan Tai Sui, Know the Secret Math Yourself!“!

Fan Tai Sui Victims? Remedies for Fan Tai Sui

We suggest you check how bad your Fan Tai Sui situation is. If your situation is not just with one factor out of the four, you better do something in order to avoid troubles blocking your life in 2013. In Tin Yat Lineage Taoism, we offer the “working” and “effective” Taoism FU for Fan Tai Sui.

You can purchase one from our website and carry it with you in 2013. This Taoism FU will help you dissolve the Fan Tai Sui energy and smoothen out the life of 2013 while reducing the harm to minimal. This is the only way out for Fan Tai Sui.

If you hear people telling you to worship something, to pray more, or to put up some little animal toys or jades, just forget about it, those are nothing but folks belief and superstitious scams. They don’t work and will never be beneficial to you. Taoist magic is what you use to deal with this Fan Tai Sui problem since the ancient time, it’s a common thing but make sure you only trust a genuine Taoist magic source like Tin Yat Lineage. Any printed Taoism FU or pre-made stuff won’t work for sure. In fact, MANY so called Taoism FU are fake out there. If you want to avoid getting scammed, go with Tin Yat Lineage only, and we ensure our Taoism FU are effective, custom made just for you, and charged up with power jut for you on your order.

Rumors of Fan Tai Sui

There are many rumors and beliefs out there about Fan Tai Sui that are very common but false. These are all brew up by people who know nothing about the real theory on Fan Tai Sui. All they care is to make money and so they try to make it seem as deadly as possible. Here are some common rumors and false belief that doesn’t work and are commonly created for money making reasons.

1. The year of XXX animal, there are 4-5 animals that are fan tai sui, check your BIRTH YEAR only and you will know if you fall in the list. If you do, buy this, do this, etc.  (Just the year? Now you really know nothing about Fan Tai Sui!)

2. If you are Fan Tai Sui, buy the Tai Sui amulet or talisman (pre-printed) and worship it because you need the blessing of the tai sui to avoid harm.

3. Pray to Tai Sui (what the heck?) and tai sui is a general, like a military general kind of god.

4. Oh it’s nothing, just be yourself. -> Yes, being ignorance is also a common trick used by scammers to make you think they are very “open minded” and not earning money from you. Then at the back, they earn your trust for the next setup they will plot on you.

5. Fan Tai Sui is a belief. -> Wrong, it’s not a belief, it’s astronomy and ancient science of the Chinese that allow us to understand factors that affect our life on earth.

Without Taoism, What To Do?

Some people might ask, what if we don’t go with Taoism’s magic, what can we do to avoid or dissolve the problems created by Fan Tai Sui?  The answer is simple – just beware and be careful when you do things. That’s all you can do. It’s a type of energy that beams from the planet to earth, what do you think you can do to dissolve such a big thing with just a tiny change or add-on in life? No way. You can’t. The Chinese invented the Fan Tai Sui calculation but never can avoid the harm. The only thing good about it, is that you can foresee something is coming up so you can plan ahead and be extra careful when you do things. That’s all.

Taoist Magic is helpful for these kinds of things because real and genuine Taoist magic can deal with these energy stuff and it is what we are good at doing too!  Taoism FU is not just a piece of paper, or a belief. Taoist magic is something that actually works and is charged up with pre-heaven energy to do the work it is supposed to do. Of course, I am talking about a real and genuine Taoism FU, not a fake pre-printed copy. Therefore, if you wish you try some Taoist magic, we recommend you getting a Fan Tai Sui FU from Tin Yat Lineage. It’s really effective!

If you wish you double check with us, please feel free to contact Mak Jo Si by e-mail to have your date and time of birth checked for Fan Tai Sui and so on. It’s free of charge, just send in your birthdate and time, you can even not give your name. Wish you a great year of 2013!  Stay tune for our future articles on 2013 annual luck pattern predictions!

Don’t forget to take a look at our “2013 Year of Snake Fortune Forecast” article!

If you got any questions about Fan Tai Sui, please feel free to contact Mak Jo Si by e-mail!

*For 2014 Fan Tai Sui, please read “2014 Fan Tai Sui (Year of Horse) Guide

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